Vacuum source-field correlations and advanced waves in quantum

Oct 17, 2017 - to photo-detection amplitudes in the vacuum state, they do effect the ... Together with the laws of space and time the quantum ... cond...

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theory [1], great progress has been achieved in the AdS/CFT context in going beyond ... [ ˆ∇µ, ˆ∇ν] ξ = 0, ∨−ξ ⇒ [ ˆ∇µ, ˆ∇ν]ss′. = 0. (2). Writing ˆ∇µ = Dµ − i. 4. FΓµ where Dµ ≡ ∂µ + 1. 4 ω ab. µ Γab the c

36. 4.4 Relation to the Mandelstam covariant. Significant components ... 39. 5. GAUGE-INVARIANT CORRELATIONS. 5.1 Geometrical definitions ... 42. 5.2 Dynamics and perturbation scheme ... 44 ...... and Rµν, unlike in Einstein gravity, can propagate

Mar 12, 2012 - Alan J. Weinstein for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo Collaboration. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91125, USA. E-mail: [email protected] Abstract. .... They can be operated at high laser p

P. M. STEVENSON. T. W. Bonner Laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy,. Rice University, PO Box 1892, Houston,. TX 77251, USA. E-mail: [email protected] The Higgs vacuum is a kind of medium. In any medium one generally expects sound

Nov 18, 2014 - and understanding while I was in the process of excising numerical daemons from this code. ...... 1.1 Outline. The remainder of this thesis is organised as follows to discuss the various mathematical, physical and numerical choices tha

May 28, 2013 - and corresponding degradation of the quantum correlations are found to be operating near the fundamental quantum limit ..... Advanced Quantum Noise. 8. -10. -5. 0. 5. 10. 15. 20. De la. y o f cross-co rrelatio n [n s] full noise spectr

Attempts to model the properties of elementary particles using general relativity have a long history, and ... body expects a classical field theory to reproduce all of the properties of a particle as de- scribed by quantum ... equations, without ord

Feb 26, 2003 - [email protected] Abstract : Key issues and essential features of classical and quantum strings in gravita- tional plane waves, shock waves and spacetime singularities are synthetically understood. This includes the string mass a

Aug 24, 2012 - thermodynamic transformations of coupled harmonic oscillators. I. INTRODUCTION. Correlations play a prominent role in many-body physics, statistical physics and information technology. In this article, however, we focus on another moti

∗Fax: 34 976 761264, Email:[email protected] .... and it is always possible to find in the Hilbert space H = L2(S1) a complete basis of stationary.

Mar 19, 2015 - It has been proven that the quantum discord is a more general tool to cap- ture non-classical correlation ... +86 1324 1699 374, Fax: +0086(10) ...

An output cannot be connected to an upstream input which participates in the logical de- termination of that same output (Fig. 1b; ignore dotted arrow). The fact that sequential computation is suspected to be unable to solve NP-complete problems in p

Abstract. Recently, the gravitational polarization of the quantum vacuum was proposed as alternative to the dark matter paradigm. In the present paper we consider four benchmark measurements: the universality of the central surface density of galaxy

Feb 15, 2013 - Conditions for global synchronization follow from small ratio between the damping rates of the two slowest normal ... Global network synchronization (see Methods) obtained from the full .... linked (λab = 0) oscillators if we synchron

Aug 24, 2016 - During inflation, the low-frequency modes of RGW are stretched outside of horizon and remain constant, hk(τ) =cons. .... the present accelerating, the scale factor is a power-law form a(τ) ∝ τd where d is a constant [2, 3, 15], an

Jul 28, 2016 - which possesses two degrees of freedom (quadratures): amplitude and phase. The position of the ... from quantum fluctuations of the meter degree of freedom that is coupled to the system. The total detector .... due to quantum measureme

Oct 4, 2016 - In this paper, we carry out a detailed study of the irreversibility generated ... The second law of thermodynamics, when referred to a system that ...

Via IBM's cloud infrastructure, the community can access a quantum processor with 5 qubits (launched in March ..... LIQUi|〉 [28]: Microsoft's tool suite for quantum compu- tation with an integrated quantum simulator .... Note that, of course, vario

1 and energy superluminal propagation is impossible. Further, this statement can be examined with a freely moving particle having a mass at rest m and flying from .... electron, …) arbitrary distant from another one remains sensitive to any state p

May 7, 2012 - Gian Luca Giorgi, Fernando Galve, Gonzalo Manzano, Pere Colet, and Roberta Zambrini. IFISC, Instituto de Fısica Interdisciplinar y Sistemas Complejos (UIB-CSIC),. Campus ...... sor product of two independent evolutions. This could seem

Nov 4, 2004 - paper deals with the three-body potential during this time in which the ..... work was supported by the European Commission under contract No.

Feb 7, 2017 - We show that the only known classicality criterion violated by the input and output states in our protocol is the one used in quantum optics, ... best candidate for explaining phenomena, however, the situa- tion is different. ... cal st

Aug 5, 2016 - In conventional NMR experiments, the Zeeman energy gaps of the nuclear spin ensem- bles are much lower than their thermal energies, and accordingly exhibit tiny polarizations. Generally such low-purity quantum states are devoid of quant

Oct 31, 2017 - from entropic information: geometry and novel scenar- ios,” New J. Phys 16, 043001 (2014). [32] R. Chaves, L. Luft, and D. Gross, “Information- theoretic implications of quantum causal structures,”. Nat. Commun. 6, 5766 (2015). [