Triplet contribution to the Josephson current in the nonequilibrium SFS

Aug 6, 2010 - ξF = √D/h, while the oscillation period is given by. 2πξF . Here D is ..... cases of diffusive SNS junction with h = 011–14 and S...

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|Ic| sin(φ + π), in terms of the magnitude of the critical .... phase relation; only |Ic| can be determined. To verify π-junction behavior, it is necessary to perform a ...

Oct 2, 2006 - tures such as superconductor / insulator / superconduc- tor (SIS) junctions of triplet superconductors. Gener- ally speaking, spin-triplet pairs are characterized by odd parity p- or f-wave symmetry. In SIS junctions of such unconventio

I(ϕ) = Ic sin ϕ with Ic > 0, in the whole temperature range below the critical temperature. At the same ... A. A. Golubov, M. Yu. Kupriyanov, and Ya. V. Fominov tures are explained by splitting of Andreev levels due to the exchange field; to demons

Sep 29, 2009 - Mohammad Alidoust,1 Jacob Linder,2 Gholamreza Rashedi,1 Takehito ..... means of the doping level x to take values in the range meV.

Dec 14, 2013 - Hao Meng, Xiuqiang Wu, and Feng Mei. National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures and Department of Physics, Nanjing University, ...

Oct 17, 2013 - (Color online) Critical current as a function of mis- alignment angle α1 (a) for different exchange field h1 when thickness kF L1=6 and (b) for different thickness L1 when ex- change field h1/EF =0.5. F2, and can only penetrate a shor

Mar 5, 2013 - fusive systems as well. In this work, we show that this ..... dR/ξF as a power law. The suppression factor ξF / .... and an EU-FP7 Marie Curie IRG.

Oct 24, 2013 - In all known three-dimensional superconductors the condensate is .... (Mx,My,Mz) denotes the triplet amplitude vector. All five unknowns depend on position in the Ss and the F. For this parametrization the generalized Usadel equa- tion

Jul 14, 2015 - to-leading order (NNLO) in QCD is of interest to ascertain the short-distance con- tribution. Here we compute the two-loop penguin contractions ...

Jul 24, 2012 - The expected physics of the proximity effect in the structures of S-superconductor-ferromagnetic metal [1] is based on the fact that the wave function of a Cooper pair in a metal oscillate with the distance from the boundary with the s

Apr 7, 2016 - dIndian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali, Knowledge City, Sector 81, SAS. Nagar .... bi-doublet field Φ: 〈Φ〉 = diag(κ1,κ2), which generates masses for the charged fermions, as well as the .... with ai ≡ (Mi/m

Oct 25, 2015 - tradicts the conventional wisdom and indicates the occurrence of spin and charge separation in present junction ... the spin-polarization of the F, and the transport processes of |TT> (or |++>) in the F region. 2 ... experiments have p

Nov 4, 2013 - School of Physics, The University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA 6009, Australia ...... 10 S. M. Seo, K. J. Lee, H. Yang, and T. Ono, Phys.

Jan 9, 2014 - tures in which new physical phenomena have been observed. Specifically, hybrid ... To be specific, let us consider the proximity coupled S/F bilayer of a massive super- conductor and a thin ... the sign of the exchange field depends on

Josephson junctions by a technique based on the switching current measurements is reported. By swiping the junction with a current ramp we measure the critical current switching using the standard time of flight technique. ... understanding the low f

Planar SFS Josephson Junctions Made by Focused Ion Beam Etching. V.M. Krasnov, O. Ericsson, S. Intiso, and P. Delsing. Department of Microtechnology and ... of a quantum computer [2] or can be used for building complimentary Josephson digital devices

Oct 1, 2009 - A stack in this state behaves as a light emitting diode and directly converts electric power to boson emission, without utilization of the ac-Josephson effect. This leads to very high radiation efficacy and to significant radiative cool

Josephson current requires multi-terminal devices - su- perconducting ..... the three normal regions, which is what is needed to cal- culate all currents in the ...

Mar 8, 2016 - shown in Fig. 1(a) with the superconductors at z < 0. arXiv:1509.03166v2 [cond-mat.mes-hall] 8 Mar 2016 ... incident energy E, the right-moving solutions with the wavefunctions proportional to eνikν ... reflection (AR) in WSM occur fr

reaches the unitarity limit at T = 0 [8,9]. ... fect Kondo conduction [13,14,9]) may allow for the in- .... Here EBCS is the total ground state energy of the con-.

arXiv:cond-mat/0302080v1 [cond-mat.supr-con] 4 Feb 2003. Josephson Effect Between Triplet Superconductors: A Self-Test for the Order Parameter Symmetry of Bechgaard Salts. C. D. Vaccarella, R. D. Duncan and C. A. R. Sá de Melo. School of Physics, Ge

Jun 21, 2018 - provide a complementary way to probe the electronic ... ing electronics with applications ranging from electronic ...... The Weyl nodes of oppo-.

Nov 20, 2015 - 2 Department of Physics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, China. 3 Faculty of Science ...... Rev. Lett. 105, 177002 (2010). 30 M. Sato and S. Fujimoto, Phys. Rev. B 79, 094504 (2009). 31 A. Y.

May 19, 2016 - (Dated: May 20, 2016). Out-of-equilibrium behavior is explored in the one-dimensional anisotropic XY model. Initially preparing the system in the isotropic XX model with a linearly varying magnetic field to create a domain-wall magneti