Tcl/Tk provides for fast and flexible interface design but slow and cumbersome vector ... Calling Octave from Tcl gives you the flexibility to do a br...

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transport data exceeded 80 K, which is significantly higher than the previously reported values in SETs [1-5, 8-11]. This high. Kondo temperature is due to strong ...

an algorithm and the accompanying software, taxator-tk, which performs taxonomic sequence assignments by fast .... without the computationally demanding steps of de-novo multiple sequence alignment (MSA) and ..... composition of a microbial community

Feb 1, 2008 - Abstract. Let Tk(N)new denote the Hecke algebra acting on newforms of weight k and level N. We prove that the power of p dividing the index of Tk(N)new inside its normalisation grows at least linearly with k (for fixed N), answering a q

Jun 25, 2006 - move. L0 k positive half twists. Lk. Fig. 0.1. Definition 0.1. The tk move (or k twist) is the elementary operation on an oriented diagram L0 resulting in Lk (Fig. 0.1). Two oriented links L and L′ are said to be tk equivalent (L ∼