Thermodynamics and Topology of Disordered Systems: Statistics of

invariant and interpreted as the free energy of a q–component Potts spin sys- tem for q → ∞. ... was studied by the method of transfer matrices,...

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Jan 1, 1996 - 4 Department of Physics, South-east University, Nanjing 210096, China. (received .... 1(a) is the best fitting curve of the Lorentzian form fL(p).

Jul 6, 1999 - 10. 3 Statistics of eigenfunctions. 14. 3.1 Eigenfunction statistics in terms of the supersymmetric σ-model . . . . . . . 14. 3.2 Quasi-one-dimensional geometry . ...... point is located close to the sample boundary, in which case the

versality classes (orthogonal, unitary and symplectic) the .... class and predict κ = 2/3 instead. ...... [18] A.W.W. Ludwig, M.P.A. Fisher, R. Shankar, and G. Grin-.

The relation between disordered and chaotic systems is in- vestigated. It is obtained by identifying the diffusion operator of the disordered systems with the Perron-Frobenius opera- tor in the general case. This association enables us to extend resu

Apr 10, 2008 - electrics can induce spin- or dipole-glass states if emer- gent random ...... in the ferro-phase the expression for the field hf , Eq. (16) changes to.

Sep 11, 2010 - ume V = V ν and participation number p = pν of NMs as a function of ... N+1 sql. Eq. (6) transforms to. λQq = λqQq + κ. N. ∑ p=1. KpqQp , κ = 2W.

Sep 13, 2009 - list would be prohibitively long), drawing upon the methods provided by the Large Deviations Principle (LDP), developed, for example, in Refs. 2, 20 ..... dynamics in the configuration space M as an element in H1(M; R), the first homol

Oct 25, 2012 - ˜knL = πn (1 − γ + γ2) − i (πn)2 γ2 + O (γ3) . (4). One can immediately write down the "eigenenergies", ˜En = h2˜k2 n/2m = En − i. 2. Γn. The real part, En, gives the position of the resonance on the energy axis, wherea

Los Angeles, CA, 90095-1547. (January 7, 2014). We study the statistics of quasiparticle and quasihole levels in small interacting disordered systems within the Hartree-Fock approximation. The distribution of the inverse compressibility, given accord

universal characteristics of states in the fluctuation tails. L. I. Deych, M. V. Erementchouk, and ..... vm+1 = Tmvm,. (6) where vm is a two dimensional state vector, which presents the state of the system at the m-th site (or m-th interface between

Oct 31, 2013 - weak but the mean free path is less than the system size; hard wall boundary conditions are more .... longing in the diffusive regime (λF = 9a, ℓ = 96a, Lloc = 7200a), and prompts the choice of W =0.35 ...... 7 O. Bohigas, in Chaos

Jan 17, 2011 - vant quantities for simplicity. Supposing there are N conduct- ing channels, the ...... A 30, 8017 (1997). 12 S. K. Joshi, A. K. Gupta and A. M. ...

Mar 21, 1997 - a phase coherent conductor in terms of pure quantum mechanical transmission amplitudes, and a similar important ...... Denoting projected operators A by P AP =: APP , P AQ =: APQ, ...... [84] R. Landauer, IBM J. Res. Dev.

Mar 21, 1997 - a phase coherent conductor in terms of pure quantum mechanical transmission amplitudes, and a similar important ...... Denoting projected operators A by P AP =: APP , P AQ =: APQ, ...... [84] R. Landauer, IBM J. Res. Dev.

−∂0Ci(x) − Ç«ijk∂jDk(x)=4π2e−1ji(x),. (44) where. Ci(x) = Ç«ijk∂jAk(x)χ(x), Di(x)=[∂iA0(x) − ∂0Ai(x)] χ(x). (45). Equation (43) is in fact a constraint among the ...

May 14, 2015 - The usual formulation of thermodynamics is based on the additivity of macroscopic systems. However, there are numerous examples of macroscopic systems that are not additive, due to the long-range character of the interaction among the

Jun 24, 2002 - Eddy Yusuf and Kun Yang. National High Magnetic Field ...... Chuon Mau, David A. Huse, and Daniel S. Fisher, Phys. Rev. B 61, 1160 (2000)); ...

follows non-universal power laws, and the ground state spin-spin correlation is short-ranged. Our results suggest ..... the data. This suggests that a weak interchain coupling immediately destabilizes the RS fixed point. We now turn the discussion to

following form for two- and three-dimensional systems: ..... continuous variable. An alternative way to look at the Schrödinger equation. (often useful in numerical calculations [19]) is to consider. E as an extra unknown function satisfying a trivi

All numerical simulations have been done on our Beowulf cluster TINA, see This work was supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft under grant ME2044/1-1. ∗ E-mail: [email protected] † E-mail

Nov 29, 2018 - ..... Sau, J.D.; Tewari, S.; Das Sarma, S. Experimental and materials considerations for the topological.

Mar 17, 2005 - Understanding the statics and dynamics of elastic systems in a random en- vironment is a longstanding problem with important applications for a host of experimental systems. Such problems can be split into two broad cate- gories: (i) p

Oct 5, 1999 - 3 Level statistics in a disordered sample: Diffusive σ-model. 21. 3.1 Derivation of the diffusive σ-model. ...... matrix Q; we will call them simply “eigenvalues” for brevity. The integral (2.61) takes .... Specifically, this happ

Jan 27, 2014 - Romanian Academy Publishing House ...... 2 – (Color online) Main plots: particle density vs. quasiparticle energy ..... Nuovo Cim., 17:493, 1940.