The large N limit of M2-branes on Lens spaces

Apr 5, 2012 - S3/Zp. This arises from localization of the partition function of the ABJM theory, and has some novel features compared with the case of...

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Feb 1, 2008 - Princeton, New Jersey 08544 ... The way to apply it is to diagonalize the ... An interesting example of such an application is the so-called “in-.

Feb 11, 2015 - Abstract. The configuration space F2(M) of ordered pairs of distinct points in a manifold M, also known as the deleted square of M, is not a homotopy invariant of M: Longoni and Salvatore produced examples of homotopy equivalent lens s

Apr 27, 2010 - The theory possesses the G × G symmetry, while the left G symmetry is not necessary for the large N reduction. We take the planar ('t Hooft) limit in which. N → ∞, κ → 0 with κ2N = λ fixed,. (3.9) where λ is the 't Hooft cou

of the extraordinary free affine primary states (see Subs. ...... [8] M.B. Halpern and C.B. Thorn, “Large N matrix mechanics on the light-cone,”. Int.J. Mod. Phys A17 ...

Sep 3, 2015 - The AdS/CFT correspondence provides, at least in principle, ... theory of gravity – that is, one where G is small – is dual to a CFT with large.

Jun 15, 2011 - School of Physical Sciences, Swansea University .... Building a large variational basis in all the symmetry channels, corresponding to the quantum numbers of the hadrons for which we want to extract the mass spectrum, proves to ... thi

The violation of ESRII and GMO − ESRI, which is of second order in ... and ESRI. This means that a particular linear combination of the coefficients in Eq. (4.2).

This leads to an equal spacing rule for the pion couplings, which agrees well with the data. The SU(3) breaking in the decuplet-octet transition axial currents is related to ..... and ESRI. This means that a particular linear combination of the coeff

For some theories where the degrees of freedom are tensors of rank 3 or higher, there exist solvable large N limits dominated by the ... theories with tensor degrees of freedom due to their connection [16,17] with the SYK-like models of fermions with

on the Lens space S3/Zp is precisely the Riemann surface which appears in the mirror to the blownup, orbifolded ... order (in gs) free energy between the matrix model and the closed A-model on this particular fibration. ..... Figure 2: The toric web

Jun 23, 2016 - Dipartimento di Fisica dell'Universit`a di Pisa, Largo Pontecorvo 3, I-56127 Pisa, Italy. (Dated: June 24, 2016). The effective low energy Lagrangian of CPN−1 models in d < 4 dimensions can be constructed in the large N limit by ....

We construct a fourth-order derivative CP(N) model in 1 + 1 dimensions by incorporating the topological charge density squared term into the La- grangian. We quantize the theory by reformulating with auxiliary fields and then performing the path inte

Dec 6, 2009 - The results, normalized according to the number of gluons, show a very mild dependence on N ..... defined on the oriented elementary bonds (x, µ) of the lattice; their dynamics is governed by the standard ..... in particular, the modif

Feb 15, 2011 - as a free parameter in the theory. We impose ... (2.10). It is easy to show that the magnetic bag energy admits a Bogomolny-type bound: E = 1. 2 ∫W |dφ − ∗f|2 d3y + ∫Wdφ ∧ f. (2.11). ≥ ∫∂W φf. (2.12). = vq. ..... fuz

Feb 15, 2011 - in some sense to be the large N limit of the Lie algebra of u(N) of .... A set of u(∞) Nahm data consists of a triple t1,t2,t3 solving the Nahm.

Sep 19, 2012 - must answer three major questions: how to define a statistical theory of random geometries, how to define ... fined surfaces6,7 because the planar graphs form a summable family (i.e. a power series with a finite .... The cellular struc

Aug 31, 2012 - We develop the necessary tools for computing fluctuations around a mean-field background in the context of ... The appropriate analytical method to describe these theories near the phase transition from the ... This gives us the opport

May 11, 2015 - show that this means that the TBA partition function at large N is that of a free .... [(p1 + ··· + p2M )µ(p1 + ··· + p2M )ν − ηµν(p1 + ··· + p2M )2]. ×. 1.

N = 4 super-Yang-Mills at the conformal point is shown to contain strings: they are IIB strings. We conjecture that ... gravity. We focus on conformal invariant field theories but a similar analysis could be done for non-conformal field ... Now we co

Jul 20, 2000 - bution p(R) for large R. These things look like needles; the four- ... are basically independent of the rest of the triangulation, a needle requires.

predicting p(R) ∼ R−3 in the supersymmetric case. Extending the argument to six and ten dimensions, we ..... (This result for the tetrahedron can actually be derived in a straightforward analytic calculation, as shown in the appendix.) ..... [12]

We consider field theories with sixteen supersymmetries, which includes U(N). Yang-Mills theories in various dimensions, and argue that their large N limit is related to certain supergravity solutions. We study this by considering a system of D-brane

Sep 25, 2018 - Suppose that X is a topological space, M ⊂ X, and x ∈ X. For ... X is an S(n)-space (or X satisfies the S(n) separation axiom) if any two different ...

Aug 13, 2011 - d3 and the Spinc structure on Y induced by ξ determine the homotopy class of the plane field ξ.) For instance, for the surgery on the shark from ...