The Dynamical Evolution of Stellar Black Holes in Globular Clusters

Dec 8, 2014 - Way-like GCs and address the question of retention of BHs in clusters and ..... (IMF) of Kroupa (2001), which is a broken power-law of t...

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Dec 8, 2014 - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern University, Evanston,. IL, USA .... The answers to these questions can help to constrain the initial populations of BHs and BH kicks, ... N ∼ 105 due to the poor

23 Jul 2013 - These NSs and BHs are cho- sen by means of Monte ... kick in each simulation model, NBH,tot,i, is the same among all the simulation models.

Feb 2, 2013 - Northwestern University, 2145 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208, USA. Accepted to ApJ Letters: December 18, 2012 ... ple analytic estimates by Kulkarni et al. (1993) and. Sigurdsson & Hernquist (1993). .... tion probability prediction t

Feb 2, 2013 - ABSTRACT. Globular clusters should be born with significant numbers of stellar-mass black holes (BHs). It ..... University's HPC cluster Quest.

Aug 3, 2006 - G1, which we call the main halo. This halo contains over ...... Harris, W. E. 2001, in Star Clusters, Saas-Fee Advanced Course 28. Lecture.

Nov 28, 2012 - star clusters, it is still unclear how many of those will be retained upon formation, and how many will be ejected through subsequent dynamical interactions. No such black holes have been found in any Milky ... BHs have already been fo

Jul 12, 2011 - obtained in the preceding chapters forms a system which is resolved ...... 360. 4.02. -2.7. 3.78. 6.03. 769. 449. -2.6. 3.58. 5.49. 861. 562. 3.59. -2.5. 3.39. 4.98. 965. 703. -2.4 ...... Christie, W. H. 1940, ApJ, 91, 8. Eddington, A.

e-mail: [email protected] Summary. Recent images taken ... shown here that a large fraction of the individual star clusters merge within a few tens to a hundred Myr. Bound stellar ..... The softening length is 1.5 pc in the units used here

Nov 20, 2016 - The idea of black holes which might be situated at the centers of globular clusters has been seriously ... call & Ostriker 1975, Silk & Arons 1975, Newell, Da Costa &. Grindlay 1976). Ground based studies on ... epoch have to lead to t

Jan 14, 2013 - e-mail: [email protected] 2 Gemini Observatory, Northern Operations Center, 670 N. ... velocity dispersion of its host galaxy (e.g.. Ferrarese & Merritt 2000; Gebhardt et al. 2000a; Gültekin et al. ... dates for hosting an intermediat

Oct 7, 2009 - 2NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Exploration of the Universe Division, Code 667,. Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA ... stars have also been thought to have all been born at the same instant, from a cloud ... latter having been known since muc

Sep 14, 2013 - common BH binary systems were BH–MS systems. After the cluster had evolved for a significant period of time (> 20Myr) the most common BH ...

Aug 17, 2007 - erties of their hosting galaxy have been deduced (see. Ferrarese & Ford ...... eds, Resolved Stellar Populations, ASP Conf. Se- ries, in press.

Sep 9, 2008 - pects as the radius-age relation of Magellanic Cloud clusters (Mackey et al. 2007, 2008), and ..... I. H. Stairs (San Francisco: ASP), 113. Mackey ...

(MN LATEX style file v1.4). Dynamical ... if the initial scale length of the GCs system is about twice as large as the effective radius of NGC ... Forbes 2002). In the case of cD and central cluster galax- ies a variety of processes may have contribu

Jun 6, 2007 - curves that account for the performance of the system from optics to electronics, thereby allowing accurate ... horizontal branch model files and outlines the use of computer codes distributed with the models. 2. .... almost universal c

Aug 3, 2006 - G1, which we call the main halo. This halo contains over ...... Harris, W. E. 2001, in Star Clusters, Saas-Fee Advanced Course 28. Lecture.

Oct 2, 2012 - 4School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton, Highfield SO17 IBJ, UK. 5International ..... Supplementary Information is linked to the online version of the paper at .... do not account for the lack

10 10 M. ÷. ⊙ . In this paper similar data for other globular clusters (Tab.1 from [8]) are also presented. The purpose of this paper is to determine the constraints ...

star (VMS), because the angular momentum transfer via viscosity works to smear out any differential rotation in a self-gravitating system. Such VMSs pessess large helium cores that reach carbon ignition. The fate of VMSs sensi- tively depends on the

Feb 22, 2012 - Consequently, favourable configurations are initiated through the Kozai mechanism where ec- centricity growth is possible for long-lived triple ...

Feb 1, 2008 - ties in excess of ~ 1039 erg s−1 (e.g., Fabbiano 1989; Fab- biano, Schweizer, & Mackie 1997; Colbert & ..... A hard binary is defined to have an orbital binding energy greater than the kinetic energy of a typical field star. As- .....

Jun 13, 2014 - Globular clusters have long been regarded as near-perfect laboratories for studies of stellar physics and stellar dynamics. Some reasons (and complications) are: • they are isolated in space (but not all clusters are found in galacti

FIGURE 1. Semimajor axis (solid) and pericenter distance (dashed) as a function of number of en- counters for 100:10:10 mass-ratio (left) and 1000:10:10 (right).