Quantum phase transition in superconducting Au0. 7In0. 3 films of very

M. M. Rosario, H. Wang, Yu. Zadorozhny ... metal-superconductor (SNS) Josephson junctions [16]. ... was found to decrease with increasing H . For rela...

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A quantum phase transitions (QPT) between distinct ground states of matter is a wide-spread phenomenon in nature, yet there are only a few real systems where the microscopic mechanism of the transition can be tested and understood. These systems are

Jun 5, 2018 - netic impurity system [7], within the gapped phase, the sharp edge in the quasi-particle density of states (DoS) predicted by mean-field is ...

Nov 2, 2001 - defects exhibit a 'Berry-Robnik' symmetry which changes the fundamental properties of the system. ... However, beyond the level of mean-field, phase coherence effects due to nor- mal disorder strongly influence the long-range properties

Sep 24, 2011 - [3] for a re- view). TBKT can be determined either by the analysis of the power-law behaviour of current-voltage (I-V ) char- acteristics at zero magnetic field or by the change of the curvature of ... part of the normal electrons to f

Dec 13, 2016 - for the second, red circles for the third, indigo triangles for the fourth, dark blue squares for the fifth, dark green void circles for the sixth layer.

Feb 19, 1998 - (imbedding dimension) by using the Takens procedure [14, 15, 16]; ... the dependence of the correlated dimension D2 on the imbedding.

May 28, 2015 - Kangjun Seo and Lin Tian∗. School of ... implementation of these simulators can help us understand ..... the ground state of the free energy ˆF.

An oscillatory magnetic field dependence of the DC voltage is observed ... problem which is far from its solution. ... approach, in order to elucidate the mechanism of the “1/f noise“ origin in self- ... VDC(H) was recorded with various direction

Superconductor-Ferromagnet (SC/FM) bilayers, where λ is the effective magnetic field penetration depth. Thin Nb/Ni bilayers were sputtered in ultrahigh vacuum ...

Mar 31, 2016 - Tc. Here, we report on the superconducting properties of NbN thin films grown by high-temperature chemical vapor deposition ... and quantum phase slips [7]— a phenomenon of great interest in understanding one- ... commonly used to de

Oct 5, 2009 - M. Eblen-Zayas, N. E. Staley, and A. M. Goldman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 197004 (2005). [3] A. D. Caviglia, S. Gariglio, N. Reyren, D. Jac- card, T. Schneider, M. Gabay, S. Thiel, G. Hammerl,. J. Mannhart, and J. M. Triscone, Nature 456, 6

Jun 4, 2010 - Mn[C10H6(OH)(COO)]2× 2H2O17, where the magnetic ions. (e.g. Cu+2 and Mn+2) ..... viously, Evar is singular at αc,var = 0.5, showing αc,var,.

and shape, which interact with a massive vector field representing the local magnetic induction. When the critical temperature is approached from below,.

ture and on the orientation of the granule with respect to the applied magnetic ... a collection of granules can be obtained if ordered arrays made of spherically.

with a Minkowski metric, this symmetry is generated by the magnetic flux operator ..... dsl sl e−m2sl ∮ Dx(s′l)] exp [−. 1. 4. N. ∑ l=1 ∫ sl. 0 ds′l ˙x2(s′l)] ,. (31).

The superconducting phase diagram of MgB2 was determined from magnetization, magneto-transport and the first single-crystal specific heat measurements.

of Abrikosov ux tubes which proliferate when the critical temperature is .... the dual description, this combination is represented by h0;i; the plastic tensor hP.

Apr 26, 2001 - 99.5 %), a liquid crystal that undergoes a bulk phase transition from the nematic to the isotropic state at. 35◦C. The solid ... *Corresponding author. Email address: [email protected] 1 ..... price of the latent

Jan 14, 2006 - It is shown that in nearly cubic ferroelectrics the domain state may survive down to atomic film thicknesses, unlike the single domain state, which is almost always unstable or metastable. This conclusion is valid .... The check on met

Mar 4, 2017 - (Dated: January 9, 2017). SrTiO3, a quantum paraelectric[1], becomes a metal with a superconducting instability after removal of an extremely small number of oxygen atoms[2]. It turns into a ferroelectric upon sub- stitution of a tiny f

May 28, 2007 - *Corresponding author, E-mail:[email protected] 3D. .... ing Tc(∞), we can calculate β from MTc(∞). The Rush- ..... 65, 117 (1944). 10 N. D. ...

We have studied the electronic transport properties of homogeneously disordered superconducting tantalum thin films in magnetic fields. The films exhibit three ...

May 9, 2006 - have been done in the literature for a long time. In par- ticular, an analysis ..... reported in the literature since the 1950s and 60s [28, 29, 30, 31].

May 22, 2018 - All of the susceptibility data presented here were taken using a field ... to copper tape with conducting silver paint (GC Elec- tronics - Silver Print II, ..... V.L. Berezinskii, Destruction of long-range order in one-dimensional and