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using Gwyddion and WxSM for RHEED, LEED and STM data.15,16 ... region in the top center, and a 1.92 ± 0.10 Å angstrom step up to the HC region on th...

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Therefore, even for closed or transient FS with the level of openness close to or equal to unity with optimal combination ... materials, for instance, solid solutions of Bi(Sb)-Te(Se) system due to their optimization for ... spectrum of charge carrie

A new versatile facility LEETECH for detector R&D, tests and calibration is designed and constructed. It uses electrons produced by the photoinjector PHIL at LAL, Orsay and provides a powerful tool for wide range R&D studies of different detector con

The higher electrical conductivity implies that the Jovian dynamo is likely to operate out to shallower depths than previously assumed14-16, while the inferred thermal conductivity could provide a .... estimating the shocked cryogenic cell thickness

7th International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics – Metamaterials 2013. Bordeaux, France ... cylinders for demonstrating toroidal response in THz regime due to mutual coupling of Mie- resonance modes of the .

Abstract—This paper addresses the problem of emotion recognition from physiological signals. Features are extracted and ranked based on their effect on classification accuracy. Different classifiers are compared. The inter-subject variability and t

simulations should consider the worst case accident conditions that include ... For example, sudden temperature increases of 5˚C have .... A design study was commissioned with STFC-RAL's High Power Targets. Group to explore the use of beryllium as a

prisoner's problem [2]. Two accomplices in a crime are ... investigation showed that ratio of ones and zeros in least .... A special type of network known as autoregressive time delay neural network. (AR-TDNN) was proposed in [12] to address this pro

axis motion stages (ABL-1000, Aerotech) interfaced by CAD-based software (ScaBase,. Altechna) with an integrated acousto-optic modulator (AOM) were used ... light using a dichroic beamsplitter (ZT 532 RDC, Chroma) and long-pass filters (ET 555 LP. Ch

how they diffuse, dissociate in CT states or free carriers and how recombination occurs in a geminate or ... Connected by a decyloxy flexible bridge, the TriPh (D) and PerDi. (A) units are prone to self-assemble in a solid ... Colored lines are guide

Abstract We present two examples from the cusp ionosphere over Svalbard, where poleward moving auroral forms (PMAFs) are causing significant phase scintillation in signals from navigation satellites. The data were obtained using a combination of grou

In this paper, we review the approach leading to cosmic polarization rotation observation and present the current status with an outlook. In the study of the relations among equivalence principles, we found that long- range pseudoscalar-photon intera

Large-Scale Domain Adaptation via Teacher-Student Learning. Jinyu Li ... bootstrap the training of a new system from an existing well- ..... Table 4. The numbers of real and simulated utterances in each channel are around 2k and 7k, respectively. The

1 Département MCMF, Institut Néel, CNRS, BP 166, 38042 Grenoble, Cedex 9, France. 2 Department of Physics, University ..... 344, 49 (2013). 35 M. Hudl, L. Häggström, E-K. Delczeg-Czirjak, V. Höglin, M. Sälhberg, L. Vitos, O. Eriksson, P. Nordbl

Jan 21, 2013 - the process of capturing two images of a scene from two close horizontally displaced views, is a process .... angular position for both was made by fixing a reference small object at the working distance and ... An amateur low-cost equ

climate models taking into account the atmosphere-ocean coupling as well as dynamical systems approach, autoregressive ... supplemental material, we provide a sensitivity test for this choice and show, for example, that the inclusion of the ..... [21

for all negative probability problem and shows extraordinarily power in negative cross section problem. A Monte Carlo simulation including negative cross section ..... A 16, 2381 (2001). [15] M. Burgin, Interpretations of Negative Probabilities, Prep

of attraction using the Lennard-Jones and Morse potentials and find that a shorter-range attraction favors the line-slip. We develop a simple model based only on geometry and bond energy to predict when the crystal or line-slip phases should appear,

sets, as well as mappings in two- and three-dimensional spaces. ... tasets are being collected, enabling new insights to be ... convert the data into Mahout-compatible, as well as hu- man-readable formats. The self-assessments of the subjects are use

http://www-rccn.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/icrc2003/PROCEEDINGS/PDF/721.pdf. [3] M. Teshima et al., ..... The main elements of each actuator are a two-phase stepping motor (full step 1.8◦, holding torque 50 N cm) .... edge of the source position (as the ca

Jun 20, 2014 - detected to date mostly by photometric transit and radial velocity methods, are believed to originate in ... scale) and high fidelity maps of dusty CS debris in exoplanetary systems, in which the presence. (or absence) of ... distingui

Mar 12, 2015 - AbstractWe measure the flux density, composition, and energy of outflowing ions above the polar cap, accelerated by quasi-static electric fields parallel to the magnetic field and associated with polar cap arcs, using Cluster. Mapping

Notes. The authors declare no competing financial interest. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. This work is supported by the State Key Programme for Basic Research of China (Grants No. 2014CB921101), NSFC (Grants No. 61274102), UK STFC, DARPA Meso program under contra

M_H loop (1.8 K to 3.8 K) in the superconducting state for and crystallographic directions respectively. Moderate anisotropy up to 30 % has been found in the electrical transport possibly indicating significant Rashba type antisymmetric spin orbit

Among Eq(3), SNRV is systemic signal-to-noise ratio, and TM010 of cavity has better signal-to-noise ratio than 112dB. While the SNRV stay fixed, the beam length and its measurement resolution are negative relative. As shown in Figure 1, the resolutio