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using Gwyddion and WxSM for RHEED, LEED and STM data.15,16 ... region in the top center, and a 1.92 ± 0.10 Å angstrom step up to the HC region on th...

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trigonal prisms building up the crystal lattice of magnetic Cr3+ ions. These helices are .... magnetic interaction on the basis of structural data and distinguish ...

[8] Hale, J. K. and Koчak, H. “Dynamics and Bifurcations”, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1991. [9] Kreyszig, Erwin. “Advanced Engineering Mathematics”, John Wiley & Sons, 2007. [10] Markin, David R. “Introduction to the Theory of Stability”

expanding nova ejecta with a larger mass of surrounding circumbinary gas. One implication of ... Analysis of these data led to a geometrical picture of the nova outburst that incorporates as a .... Both hydrodynamical calculations and general.

... Science Research Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Madras,Chennai-600036, ... and Engineering Centre (MRSEC) and Department of Physics, University of .... This is also supported from our X-ray diffraction data where we see only a.

The method of the nonequilibrium statistical operator accounts for the history of a system, influence of its past history to its present state. It is suggested to take ...

The sole purpose of these spacer spheres was to modify locally the average separation between the scattering particles ... walking particles in this case are minority carriers (holes) and their dominant transport process is .... The spatial distribut

Needless to mention, the methodology should take into account the ...... Lakshmanan, former and present Directors of SERC, Chennai, for giving the ...

research, we use social networking site facebook as primary data source. We collect different attributes such as about me, comments, wall post and age from facebook as raw data and use advanced data mining approaches to excavate .... Figure 4 depicts

Classical Heisenberg Hamiltonian Solution of Oriented Spinel Ferrimagnetic Thin ... consist of spin exchange interaction term only has been found earlier by ...

magnet system for a 28 GHz ECR ion source consists of four solenoid coils and a saddle type sextupole. To meet the ... The RISP (Rare Isotope Science Project) is under development of the heavy-ion accelerator facility ... mesh for the following solut

systems where the spin on each site has only one possible spin flip mode. This short paper explains .... heat and sublattice susceptibilities for Glauber and Kawasaki dynamics in order to check the dependence of ... effects of using the incorrect pro

Resource management is a basic problem in the computer field. For example ... better performance. However ... jobs arrive one after another, and once the job is selected, it ..... the use of advanced reinforcement learning applications in online.

was prepared with various B4C:SiC ratios, the relation being 2.5:7.5, 5:5, 7.5:2.5 and 7.5:7.5. (values in wt. %). After reaction of 1 hour at 760°C, the wire ...

experimental observations of evolution of thermal properties as the system dimensionality changes from 2D to 3D. The first ..... There are trade-offs in optimizing. Si/p-D substrates. MCD films have higher K because of ...... suspended pristine graph

L-system for several cases of nucleon elastic scattering by nuclei 12C , 16O, 28Si, 52Cr, 56Fe and 64Ni at the range of distorted resonances in comparison with ...

linear sensor can reliably work in. The practical motivation for this work is the reduction of power consumption by using the passive mode of the sensor as often as possible. Additionally, the work also focuses on the investigation of the conditions

Abstract - New types of tunable composite materials are considered, the effective microwave permittivity of which may ... effective permittivity can be tuned from a resonance type to a relaxation type, when a sufficient magnetic field or tensile ....

Jul 22, 2016 - Deep Learning Network architecture is utilized in order to classify the Alzheimer's brains and healthy brains and to produce ... propagation step where E is error function, y is the ith, jth neuron, x is the input, l represent layer nu

ordered in the way of the preferences A > B > C > D > F. We are going to represent the Ci, i=1, 2, as fuzzy subsets of U. For this, if niF, niD, niC, niB and niA denote the number of students of class Ci who achieved very low, low, intermediate, high

Y0.5La0.5TiO3 with random A-site ions may present interesting relaxor behaviors. Keywords: ... The optimization and electronic self-consistent interactions are.

species-energy power law, (v) energy equivalence and power-law self-thinning behaviour are predicted in resource-rich communities. We identify some analogies between these macroecological patterns and those in thermodynamic systems, thus revealing th

anything that has value to the organisation and is necessary for achieving its objectives. A Business asset ... Risk treatment-related concepts describe what decisions, requirements and controls should be defined and ... model for architectural conte

the motion of human hands. RELATED WORK. A computer mouse can perform efficient and precise pointing movements. However, it is not suitable for mid-air operation (e.g., in ... Limited by the performance of eye-gaze tracking, presently it is difficult

passes asynchronous processes or as a composition of variable-sharing asynchronous processes. A method of automatic process extraction in Petri net interpretation of IMDS is presented. Keywords: communication dualism, concurrency, concurrency modelin