Nontrivial Thermodynamics in't Hooft's Large-$ N $ Limit

May 11, 2015 - show that this means that the TBA partition function at large N is that of a free .... [(p1 + ··· + p2M )µ(p1 + ··· + p2M )ν âˆ...

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Dec 6, 2009 - The results, normalized according to the number of gluons, show a very mild dependence on N ..... defined on the oriented elementary bonds (x, µ) of the lattice; their dynamics is governed by the standard ..... in particular, the modif

Sep 3, 2015 - The AdS/CFT correspondence provides, at least in principle, ... theory of gravity – that is, one where G is small – is dual to a CFT with large.

This idea was proposed by many authors at the end of 70's [1] and has ..... the spanish Ministerio de Educación y Cultura under a postdoctoral Fellowship.

Jun 15, 2011 - School of Physical Sciences, Swansea University .... Building a large variational basis in all the symmetry channels, corresponding to the quantum numbers of the hadrons for which we want to extract the mass spectrum, proves to ... thi

This leads to an equal spacing rule for the pion couplings, which agrees well with the data. The SU(3) breaking in the decuplet-octet transition axial currents is related to ..... and ESRI. This means that a particular linear combination of the coeff

The violation of ESRII and GMO − ESRI, which is of second order in ... and ESRI. This means that a particular linear combination of the coefficients in Eq. (4.2).

We construct a fourth-order derivative CP(N) model in 1 + 1 dimensions by incorporating the topological charge density squared term into the La- grangian. We quantize the theory by reformulating with auxiliary fields and then performing the path inte

to a manifestation of the upconversion effect in the next section. 3. Power-law decay of quantum dot photoluminescence. The time dependence of the decay of ...

In order to develop high frequency gyrotrons, we should use high magnetic field which is generated by superconducting magnet1) and/or operation at high harmonic of electron cyclotron frequency2). In our recent gyrotron, Gyrotron FU IVA, a. 17T superc

This paper discusses advance of the research on Speleothem Paleoluminescence Records of Environmental ... advances, Past Precipitation, Plants Populations, Paleosoils, Past Karst Denudation,. Chemical ...... Abstracts of the 1992 Geological Soc. of A

luminescence sometimes may be produced by a single luminescent center or by a com- ... However data obtained by the VLA method are subjective and the determination of luminescence acti- vators is not possible. In fact attempts to determine activators

Sep 27, 2014 - freedom of a free field. Our goal is to find an ... the spacetime continuum is replaced with a periodic, hypercubic lattice with lattice spacing a > 0 and with L < ∞ sites along each axis. The sites themselves are .... tion for small

Jul 29, 2013 - thermodynamics quite accurately. The regime near T ∼ Tc where pQCD breaks down is where holographic techniques can be most valuable.

May 8, 2015 - strong coupling regime could be easily explained if a strong/weak coupling phase transition occurs in .... this, the resulting free energy is given in a unified expression whether the space manifold is compact or ... As a result, the ei

Our results render further evidence for the argument that the large N non- commutative and ordinary super Yang-Mills theories are equivalent not only in the weak coupling limit, but also in the strong coupling limit. ∗Email address: [email protected]

Aug 2, 2013 - question is more intricate in the N = 2 SYM case, where the coupling ...... [7] J. K. Erickson, G. W. Semenoff and K. Zarembo, “Wilson loops in N ...

May 31, 2005 - framework of a collective field theory approach. ... analysis. For this reason, the construction of the collective field theory for fermionic vector.

Mar 10, 1996 - I will assume that Eq.(1) holds for some not-necessarily smooth gauge trans- ... into Eq.(5) to make the constant H0. 0 real ..... B 348 (1991) 457.

CH-1211, Geneva 23, Switzerland. bDpto. de Fısica ...... [8] M.R. Douglas, J. Polchinski and A. Strominger, Probing five-dimensional black holes with D-branes ...

R (no matter how large it is) and a given fixed horizon size Rs, the temperature scales as 1/N according to (1.5) in the large N limit. Thus the stadium size scales as 1/√N. The mean separation between the nearest two partons is Rs/N1/(D−2), and

Sep 19, 2012 - must answer three major questions: how to define a statistical theory of random geometries, how to define ... fined surfaces6,7 because the planar graphs form a summable family (i.e. a power series with a finite .... The cellular struc

May 27, 1996 - in flat R5,1 do exist. These theories have been called “tensionless non-critical strings”. They acquired that name because by a relevant perturbation ... theory is described in the IR by a free anti-self-dual tensor field. ... feat

Apr 5, 2012 - S3/Zp. This arises from localization of the partition function of the ABJM theory, and has some novel features compared with the case of a ...

A common theme of recent work in string theory is that conventional geometry should sometimes emerge as an .... At L loops, planar diagrams will have a total power of N and K adding to L + 1. Nonplanar diagrams ... easily add corrections to Eq. 7 wit