No-go theorems and GUT

Jul 17, 2012 - We very briefly discuss the role of no-go theorems in constructing models of new physics ... No-go (1): Coleman-Mandula [1] theorem wit...

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contains a triplet but does not contain doublets, and 75 Higgs can connect the 50 Higgs to the¯5 Higgs ...... (∆baI − ∆bbI ) ln (det MI ). + ∑n. (∆an − ∆bn) ln (Λn)=0 ...

in a fixed volume, because this quantity does not. *This work was ... 1. Existence of process that violates the baryon number. 2. CP Violation. 3. Departure from thermal equilibrium. The first requirement is obvious. If the Universe had no asymmetry

has a coefficient λcλs sin θC/MHC where λc, λs are the Yukawa ... fore we put bounds as a function of α3(mZ). .... quence of the structure of the Higgs sector, and.

Dec 11, 1995 - The precision LEP data has indicated a unification, with the help of supersymmetry, of the three coupling constants of the Standard Model at a scale of MGUT ∼ 1016 GeV, thus indicating the existence of a hierarchy between the Planck

Oct 8, 2001 - line approach, but not the same, for example, the fundamental group of extra space manifold can be trivial in ... because there is no simple relation between the mass scales of extra dimensions and the masses of KK states .... Mathemati

The reps in brackets correspond to a full standard model generation, while the remaining reps are exotic. Thus the exotic fields include left- and right-handed fermions ... ψ(1, 3, ¯3) + ψ(¯3, 1, 3) + ψ(3, ¯3, 1). (2.6). ≡ ψC + ψL + ψR ,.

is erased, since (B − L) = 0. However, recently it has been proposed a modified GUT baryogenesis mechanism which may produce the observed baryon ...

contains a triplet but does not contain doublets, and 75 Higgs can connect the 50 Higgs to the¯5 Higgs through the interaction 50·75·¯5. ...... (∆baI − ∆bbI ) ln (det MI ). + ∑n. (∆an − ∆bn) ln (Λn)=0,. (3.23) ...... Because the te

Aug 29, 2006 - factor, and its rank is lowered by (at least) one unit. .... GSM . Whereas direct breaking is allowed in the supersymmetric case, at least one intermediate symmetry group is needed for unification of the coupling constants ... tion, GG

Oct 17, 2007 - I would thank Andrew Cohen and Tony Gherghetta for useful ... [7] E. J. Copeland, A. R. Liddle, D. H. Lyth, E. D. Stewart and D. Wands, Phys.

Jun 3, 1996 - FERMILAB–Pub–96/133-A, SU-ITP-96-24 hep-ph/9606260. In models of slow-roll inflation [1,2], the universe is dominated by the potential energy density of a scalar field known as the inflaton. Inflation ends when the ki- netic energy

27 Aug 2008 - resentations including the 10, 126 and/or 120. Such the- ...... EEc ˜Sn. (147) where E,Ec (˜S) represent the vector-like exotics and SM singlets ...

Apr 2, 2008 - In this paper, we discuss the idea of resurrecting GUT-baryogenesis [1] in a large class of SO(10) GUTs. Our analysis shows that fast lepton number violating but baryon number conserving processes can partially wash out the GUT- baryoge

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May 20, 2004 - Subhendu Rakshit,1, ∗ Guy Raz,2, † Sourov Roy,3, ‡ and Yael Shadmi1, §. 1Physics ..... We thank Yuval Grossman, Yossi Nir, Yuri Shirman,.

has to accept the following rules of the game: (i) the relevant operators are obtained ..... In order to built a consistent GIFT model, one has to find some valid ...

in cognitive functions, potential anxiogenic effects, depression-like behaviors, and altered activity levels, have been reported after ... The average size of AgNS (93 nm) and AgNC (84 nm) was found to be retained in ... Measures of alpha-diversity,

Family Problems. The problem of fermion flavours (or families) is one of the key problems in modern particle physics. It has different aspects, questioning origin .... and plausible solution being the solar νe oscillation into another neutrino νx (

23 Oct 2000 - data from the Chlorine [3] and Gallium [4] experiments favor the large mixing angle MSW [5] solution (LMA) and possibly the LOW solution over ...

particle physics, namely, the mass scale of right-handed neutrinos or the energy scale of the gauge-coupling ... The original model [1] was associated with the first order phase transition of grand unified models of ..... Rev. Lett. 73 (1994) 1886.

Aug 20, 2012 - leaves a color sextet and weak triplet scalars light to the TeV scale. Consider now a scenario where a color sextet scalar field ∆ucdc with the quantum num- bers (6, 1, 1/3) and a complex weak triplet scalar ∆(1, 3, 0) survive down

Feb 28, 2007 - b Center for High Energy Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China c Faculty ..... (31). −1 ≤ cosσe ≡. 4αcu cos(∆σ + σd) − (3 + κ)cd cosσd. (1 − κ)ce. ≤ 1. (32) where κ ≡ αǫ, r ≡ δ′ δ. ,. F(r,

Mar 2, 2011 - First we discuss the cascade textures for quark and lepton sectors independently. The study of ...... [MEGA Collaboration], Phys. Rev. Lett.

Nov 11, 2016 - 1Theoretical Physics and Cosmology Group, Department of Physics, ... University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455,USA ..... Since V/MP ≃ 10−2, these terms can be comparable to the one-loop threshold corrections,.