MLL Stabilization JLT v2 (arXiv)

obtained. Even in presence of detrimental reflections from the photonic circuit, substantial linewidth reductions from 20 kHz to. 8.82 kHz, as well as...

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For an aerial vehicle connected by a passive1 link to the ground, standard flight-control ... The first objective is to solve the tracking problem for any time-varying ...

Jan 25, 2012 - minister to continue his education career at Essex. University in 1991. He has begun his PhD research with. Prof. Rodney Loudon on the gain, stability, and injection- locking theory of single-mode laser amplifiers from 1992 to 1995. Hi

file analysis starts without any assumption concern- ing the elemental composition of the sample or its layer structure. If a wide range energy spectrum is measured, all information attainable by the analysis method is recorded. In a retrospective ap

In a structural analysis of the proteasome activator PafE in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the binding of the activator or shorter constructs to the 20S proteasome core particle (20S CP) or derivatives was measured by isothermal titration calorimetry (

Answers). Quora is an emergent social-network based Q&A site, which aims at building a knowledge repository of questions and answers created and .... Figure 3: User activities show rough power law distributions. Different colored plots are for the di

As an alternative to the absolute number of citations and to the h-index, I have chosen to ... minimizing the effects of outliers and of giving an overall picture of the influence of a wide .... 4 Here is the full string in case a reader wishes to do

The design of public transport networks draws heavily on this information, and many decisions such as the ... It is important, however, to note that not all automated ticket systems are suitable for this tasks. For instance, in ... The above uses of

E-mail: [email protected] Keywords: Elasticity, Anti-plane, Slip, Interface, Wave, Love wave. Abstract: ... elasticity, the Love wave (Love, 1911) exists in bonded contact of an elastic layer with a dissimilar elastic ... A Cartesian coordinate sys

... 476 51 47 51. Fax : (+33) 476 63 54 95 ... experiments are not sufficient to determine the best set of parameters for the modeling of fragments separation in.

The chiral anomaly is a purely quantum mechanical phenomenon that has a long history dating ... The charge transfer rate depends on the chirality χ (see Eq.

School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel. ABSTRACT. Superconducting cuprates and pnictides composed of CuO2 or AsFe planes ..... acknowledged. This work was supported in part by a grant from the Israel Ministry of.

Apr 7, 2017 - Animate who is aware of a bodily experience, perception, emo- tion, or mental state. EXPERIENCER does not seem to have ..... CHARACTERISTIC applies directly to: • A property value: (156) a. a car of high quality ..... I am a loyal cus

Worksheet protection is trivial to bypass, and often counter productive ... named ranges to connect code and worksheet cells is rare, string constant references are .... demand, tool builder complacency, and risky economics. Development time longer t

146), a proper performance measurement system should be established .... Number of professional development activities organized for employees (Lee .... implementation in a public sector accounting organization: an empirical investigation.

Modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) has had considerable success in describing motions in galaxies. It uses a single force ... several kinds of dark matter have been postulated, but nothing has been found in sufficient quantity. Another possibility is

technique uses steganography and cryptography on images with a size of 256x256 ... The algorithms used for compressing and ciphering the secret image are lossless JPG and. AES, respectively. The proposed technique is used to generate a stego image ..

Grund dafür, daß sich die Temperatur eines möglichen, das Sternenlicht nur zum ...... Im Interesse einer Kontinuität zwischen alter und neuer Skala repräsentiert ...

technical feasibility. This is particularly true as the time- table for the experiment is tied to the availability of the. DUSEL large detector, probably not on line before .... and hence give a good measure of the CP-violating term in Eq. 3. Timing

Mar 2, 2016 - A. Consequently, our result means that equivalence of cut-free MELL proofs is PSPACE- hard. This is in ..... We will write ℓ[a b] for the linking where a b, and c ℓ(c) for any ⊥c other than a. Then in a ..... For our encoding, in

the measured minimum bias data sample are tabulated in. Table I (first ... ding MC tracks into real events on the raw data level and .... “caps” in (b) and (c).

magnitude equal to the rest frame lifetime, then the time interval between these hyperplanes is just the contracted lifetime given by Shirokov's derivation (Fig. 1). That this equality is not just a coincidence can be seen as follows (details in 3).

arXiv:cs.CC/0209015 v2 11 Sep 2002. The paper is made rediculously irrelevant in light of realization that NP is anything a DTM can solve in time 2^p(|n|). One theorem found on one page taking up about 1 inch in exactly one text. The author therefore

Mar 2, 2016 - Proof nets were introduced at the birth of linear logic by Girard [Gir87], and the correct- ness criterion was ...... Jean-Yves Girard. Linear logic.

however, that the most significant, relatively dense, parts of the fractal web are concentrated around 'solid' parts of the function, in their ..... This may leave a disturbing impression of the Creator playing simultaneously several different games