Microwave controlled phase coherent transport in mesoscopic SNS

1. The applied bias affects this phase difference through the Josephson relation, ˙φ = 2eV/¯h. With a con- stant applied bias V much smaller than t...

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Jul 28, 2013 - to finite-voltage transport properties of mesoscopic Josephson junctions with high electron transparency. ... quantitative description of MAR in junctions with arbitrary electron transparency D [8] is based on the usual scattering ....

Jan 9, 2008 - We discuss the challenges involved in creating a “Zeeman” π-junction with a parallel .... to the sample passed through commercial LC π-filters at the top of the cryostat and cold RC filters in the ...... thermore, separate tests o

Feb 1, 2008 - than the elastic mean free path le but smaller than the phase-coherence ... reflections (MAR) process leads to a sub-gap structure .... c (at. 5.5 K) demonstrates that this behavior corresponds to a low-energy excess current. The observ

This is a review of the phase coherent transm ission through interacting m esoscopic conductors. A s a paradigm we study the transm ission am plitude and the dephasing rate forelectron transportthrough a quantum dotin the. C oulom b blockade regim e.

Mar 17, 2014 - metal electrode into one of the superconducting banks of the Josephson junction in the absence of a net ... Complex biased circuits can contain Josephson junctions in the resistive state, as well as .... Figure 2: (Color online) Curren

Feb 1, 2008 - conductance minimum at zero voltage V = 0 and a peak at eV ≈ ∆, where ∆ is the superconducting energy gap. In the experiment of Kastalskii et al. ..... the above two expressions refer to a two-probe and to a four-probe measurement

A.F. Volkov. Theoretische Physik III, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, D-44780 Bochum, Germany and. Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 125009 Moscow, Russia. (Dated: November 12, 2017). We report superconductin

Jan 22, 2008 - measure at high magnetic fields [23] and have spin-orbit interaction [24] ..... inner diameter, the higher one is extracted from the flux through the ...

Mar 6, 2017 - the system exhibits long-range order is determined. The self-consistent ... Let us apply to our system a small magnetic field parallel to the z axis.

Jun 12, 2015 - Topological insulators (TIs) are a new class of mate- rials [1–5], consisting of an insulating bulk and ... exfoliation of bulk material as it is common practice for graphene fabrication [19, 20]. However, it is much ... a wet chemis

Apr 18, 2008 - quantum system during adiabatic cyclical variation of an ex- ternal parameter. The more general concept of the Aharonov-. Anandan phase5 ...

Jan 30, 2018 - where α = 1,2 stands for lower and upper orbitals, respectively [see Fig. 1 a)]. Each ...... pDp(ω),. (A.15) and the bare cavity photon GF D0(ω).

Jun 30, 2013 - 0)〉 = |N〉 with a fixed integer N, namely the initial condi- ..... Thus we can apply the DL or CDT condi- ... [5] D. J. Tannor and S. A. Rice, J. Chem.

May 26, 2009 - Nano-Science Center, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen,. Universitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen, .... micrograph of a typical device; the wires have diameters d ∼ 80 − 100nm and the distance ... fluctuations allowing

3 e〈I〉). [15], likely because the transport is mainly due to quasi- particles. But as the temperature decreases, the shot noise increases above this value. The evolution of the ... The contact pads are further covered by a low resistance. Ti-Au c

“trap” the system. (d) The effective free energy of a long junction, Eq. (11). (e) The resulting spatial variation of an applied magnetic field. Eq. (7) is then replaced ...

Feb 1, 2008 - arXiv:cond-mat/0008146v2 [cond-mat.mes-hall] 7 Feb 2001. The Josephson critical .... S, the gap is small as compared to the thermal energy : ∆ ≪ kBT. ..... 52, 7327 (1981). 7 K. K. Likharev, Sov. Tech. Phys. Lett. 2, 12 (1976).

Apr 2, 2009 - We place specific focus in this paper on the notion of mesoscopic electrical conductance. First, mesoscopic conductance is the key to many other electronic ... 4 computing the physical answer essential to the character of the transmissi

nDn′ ]. × [AmC∗ m′ + a2ma∗. 2m′+1¯AmC∗ m′ + (1 + a2ma∗. 2m′+1) BmD∗ m′ ]}. + [f(ε)f(ε′) + (1 − f(ε)) (1 − f(ε′))] δn+n′,m+m′ × {δ [ε + ε′ + 2(n + ...

Z. D. Kvon,1 T. I. Baturina,1 R. A. Donaton,2 M. R. Baklanov,1,2 K. Maex,2 E. B. Olshanetsky,1 A. E. ... to obtain a perfect junction is to have both superconduct-.

small, density of states (DOS) appears at energies below Eg. In the framework of the supermatrix nonlinear σ-model these .... Secondly, we consider the same SNS system allowing ... trices operating in Nambu and TR spaces are denoted.

¯h2 ∫ dDs dτ. (2π¯h)D. CV (s,τ)e−i(q·s−∆Eτ)/¯h. (14). The left hand side of the transport equation gives the free ballistic motion of the atoms in the waveguide. If an external force were applied, an additional term. F·∇p would app

fr-δfr to excite a sample (Fig. 1b). At each excitation, the pulses from each comb source overlap on the sample at a linearly increasing delay time, automatically induced by the small difference in repetition frequencies δfr. A full 'scan' of the p

Oct 15, 2009 - In contrast, when the average times to reach either superconducting contact are the same, the average ... fluctuations) lead to a sample-dependent thermopower which is systematically even in φ. PACS numbers: 74.45.+c, 74.78. ..... Gen