Massimiliano Dal Mas

“quantum superposition”, a fundamental law of quantum mechanics that .... metadata and create semantic associations leading to better search, inte...

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proposition, event, agent and role that can be used to specify any open interaction system towards merging ...... He won the thirteenth edition 2008 of the CEI Award for the best degree thesis with a dissertation on ..... Base-stock policies for the

ABSTRACT. The Folksodriven framework makes it possible for data scientists to define an ontology environment where searching for buried patterns that have some kind of predictive power to build predictive models more effectively. It accomplishes this

included in a mailing list (or other means of communication) that I maintain on the subject, than send e-mail to: ... Unlike products, processes are less tangible. Processes may only exist in the minds of people and it is ... dependency between the a

capabilities, Product development, Operations, Technology team, Project Management, End-To-End management, ... The main constraints of the problem are related to the efficient Adv Loading: campaigns have to be ... Traffic Office will not use such a c

Semantic Web can be used for relationship between different data and descriptions of services to annotate provenance of repositories on ontologies. The. FDC service is ... Cloud Architectures design the necessary infrastructure for the ..... at W3C W

Aug 11, 2017 - elements between A1 and B2 sites, γ1, which is included in the H⊥ of the Hamiltonian. It has been shown that laser-illuminated graphene mono- layers14,18,23,37 and bilayers38–40 may host chiral edge states if the laser parameters

Jun 20, 2008 - of time its time derivative is not defined at any instant of time, namely, the stochastic terms, lα(t)ˆVα ... we have access to is that at times preceding the instant at which a fluctuation takes place, thus leading to .... equation

Email: {roy, anciaux, monteiro} ... The basic component of our approach is a so-called Virtual Enterprise Node (VEN), where ... complementary VEN agents are necessary: one for external interactions, the Negotiator ...

Oct 6, 2010 - It renders solar images distortion-free, because the pinhole is optics-less. The azimut of the Clementine Gnomon ... te già di raggiungere precisioni assolute di. 0.4 secondi nel tempo e 6” nelle posizioni angolari, ma il ... chiesa

May 19, 2009 - Spinning, OpenMP, Sobol sequence, quasi-random numbers, simulated ... model parameter error estimates are calculated, using the non-linear jack- .... eg., the Box-Muller method for normal-distributed variables [43].

Sep 16, 2008 - Abstract: In a data warehousing process, the phase of data integration is crucial. Many methods for data integration have been pub- lished in the literature. However, with the de- velopment of the Internet, the availability of various

May 19, 2009 - In Multiple Quantum Magic Angle Spinning (MQ- .... model parameter error estimates are calculated, using the non-linear jack- knife [20].

Oct 26, 2012 - 1 Turku Centre for Computer Science .... reallocate functions from the failed agents to the healthy ones. A large ... We call such agents eligible.

of the carbon star IRC+10 216 and related AGB objects with the SAO 6 m telescope ... Angular resolutions of 24 mas at 700 nm or 57 mas 1.6 im were achieved.

Dec 4, 2014 - easy to comprehend, the concept of map is not very easy to define ..... the situation is simpler: this number is deterministic and equal to 4g − 2.

Keywords: Multi-agent systems, decision support systems, coordination, negotiation, distributed control, ... to study the planning management of complex ... coordinate a multi-site supply chain with a distributed decision and distributed information

Un merci du fond du coeur à mes amis pour tous les moments passés en votre compagnie pen- dant ces vingt-six dernières ..... La réponse n'est pas connue en général, mais on a tout de même (entre autres) les résultats suivants : Si dim(W) ....

the ability to dynamically reorganize to adapt the dynamic changes of its unpredictable and uncertain environment, is the feasible way to survive and to run .... In other words, the MOS-2 space can be used .... This way enables designers and beginner

Sep 16, 2008 - (MAS), in association to a data warehousing approach. Our objective is to ... are numerical. With the development of the Internet, the availability of various types of data (images, texts, sounds, videos, databases...) has increased. T

we present segmentation and object tracking in a video state of the art, in the second, we present active contours .... segmentation using active contours (more precisely the level sets), whose evolution is governed by the flow gradient resulting fro

Oct 26, 2012 - tionary devices, base stations, that coordinate the work of respective ... Since both base stations and robots can fail, the main objective of our.

La corrispondenza qui trascritta è composta da 84 lettere di Thomas Archer Hirst a Luigi Cremona e da 2 di. Cremona a .... by Chasles in the treatise quoted: it is Hirst's distinction to have constructed the theory of ...... you had established, but

We present the first K-band bispectrum speckle interferometry of NGC1068 with an angular resolution of. 76 mas (∼ 5.5 pc). This angular resolution allows us to at- tribute the measured flux to only ... Send offprint requests to: Markus Wittkowski,

Jul 13, 2005 - The formation of galaxies requires gas to cool in haloes of dark matter that collapse under gravity from the expan- ... sky, that is, the data cube stores a spectrum for each point in a two-dimensional region of sky. With visualization