Evaluating CBR Similarity Functions for BAM Switching in

CBR-BAM Problem: symptoms and alerts that characterize the current problem;. • Measurements: information obtained from network analysis and monitori...

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Jan 21, 2011 - The classical theory of complex multiplication gives an explicit description of the. Hilbert class field of an .... where dividing by cτ + d means multiplying on the right with the multiplicative inverse of the 2 ...... that if we eva

Our formulation at a distance of the π-calculus—motivated in exactly the same way—is a contribution of independent interest, probably the main one from the π-calculus point of view. It also shows that distance rules are a general syntactic prin

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Jun 27, 1994 - preliminary comparison it suffices to adopt δT(10◦) = 35(1±0.3)µK, where we have taken the precaution of ... The numbers in columns (3) and (4) of the table are the present rms linear fluctuation. δM/M in the ... also the case in

propagates back to the source node, intermediate nodes update their routing tables. Source node set up forward pointers to the destination. Once the source node receives the RREP, it may begin to forward data packets to the destination. A node may re

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arXiv:astro-ph/9404068v2 6 Sep 1994. WISC-MILW-94-TH-11 ..... Section V is an attempt to obtain a closed form for C(γ); this attempt .... ab (kc)= ˆma(kc)nb(kc)+na(kc) ˆmb(kc). (2.23). The plus and cross polarization tensors together form a comple

Abstract—The study is from a base of accident scenarii in rail transport ... knowledge Return of experience, Case based reasoning. ,Security. .... examples. Indeed, there is so much different knowledge to get that the ideal should be an automatic s

At its very basic level lie two software technologies: Video LAN ... I. INTRODUCTION. IPTV is defined as "multimedia services such as ..... anote148-ang.pdf. [12] I. Comsa, "Elaborarea de metode şi proceduri pentru translaţia în IPTV",. MSc disser

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Jun 7, 2014 - Each target was observed for a 2 – 4 hour period in the Js-band, and the median photometric precision of the data is ∼ 0.7%. A ... patchy cloud model with photometric monitoring of both the L/T transition and non-transition brown dw

Oct 14, 2005 - of similarity based on the concept that two vertices are similar if their immediate neighbors in the ... turally equivalent if they share many of the same network ...... List your best. (male/female) friend first, then your next best f

May 24, 2011 - The choice of the generator first suggested by Wegner, η(s)=[Hd(s),H(s)] = [Hd(s),Hod(s)] ,. (3) guarantees that the off-diagonal coupling of Hod is driven exponentially to zero with increasing s [9]. Through dif- ferent choices for H

Mar 18, 2007 - Abstract. A novel Quantum Similarity Measure (QSM) is constructed, based on concepts from Information. Theory. ... the shape function as a fundamental descriptor of atomic and molecular systems is indeed a ..... One notes however that