Euler pseudoprimes for half of the bases

Sep 16, 2011 - We prove that an odd number n is an Euler pseudoprime for exactly one half of the admissible bases if and only if n is a special Carmic...

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of natural Euler characteristics with values in the Grothendieck group of ... unique Euler characteristic with compact support for k-varieties with values in the.

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we have bP = ϕ(bO). We apply (1) to O and bO, and we get. ϕ(bO) = ϕ(O) · CI mod ϕ(I). (2) for all ideals I in P such that O is a basis modulo I , and therefore .... where h1. = c12c2. 32 + c14c32c42 + c12c34c42 + c14c42c44 + c2. 12 + c14c22 h2.

1 Dipartimento di Matematica dell'Universit`a di Milano,. Via Saldini 50 ... The logarithmic coordinates [3] are the most obvious choice for a coordinatization of G. In this case the canonical 1-form becomes θ(X) = ∫. 1. 0 es adX ds. The related .

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Mar 29, 2016 - digital-to-analog converter, see [16]). The presence of the perturbation could lose the correct .... ai(ei − fi). ∥. ∥. ∥. ∥. ∥. ≤ λ. √∑. |ci|2 for some constant 0 ≦ λ < 1, and all choices of the scalars a1,...,an