Efficient size estimation and impossibility of termination in uniform

Aug 27, 2018 - lipics-logo-bw.pdf. Schloss Dagstuhl ... stant with respect to n, for important distributed computing problems such as leader elec- tio...

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Sep 21, 2010 - School of Computer Science, The Tel-Aviv Academic College, Israel .... One contribution of this paper is an answer: in essence, all of them. ...... termination test. Thus we obtain an upper bound of. O(m3(62n2. )2n3) = O(m364n2 n3). Th

Feb 27, 2012 - DOI:10.2168/LMCS-8 (1:13) 2012 c. S. Fogarty and M. Y. Vardi ..... between these functions, and G a set of SCGs for C. A call site is written c : f1 → f2 for a call to function f2 occurring in the .... to size-change termination. Fir

Feb 27, 2012 - a method of size-change termination analysis and reduce this problem to the containment of two Büchi automata. Stating the lack of efficient Büchi containment solvers, they also propose a Ramsey-based combinatorial solution that capt

Feb 13, 2014 - it particularly easy to implement from scratch as it needs not to rely on ... To make examples easier to read, we will deviate from the grammar of Figure 1 and use ... “t1” and “t2” are the arguments of g at this call site. ...

May 25, 2009 - www.lmcs-online.org. Submitted. Nov. ... if x>y then x := x-y else y := y-x return max(x,y). Figure 1: A gcd program. One ranking function for the loop is the maximum among the variables. Another is their ... claim while allowing the t

Feb 13, 2014 - of evaluation going through an infinite sequence of calls to recursive functions [12]. A consequence of ...... representing arbitrary conditions, like “Prime(x)” expressing that a parameter is a prime number. .... The Coq developme

Aug 6, 2018 - ACM Reference Format: Phúc C. Nguyễn ..... allows the interpretation of many interesting programs to finish. In this example ...... sponding Java values. Existing .... In Proceedings of the 8th USENIX Conference on Operating Systems

Apr 17, 2013 - set X is called the core of the sunflower. A linear family admits two kinds of. Sunflower: (i) a matching is a Sunflower with an empty core, (ii) a collection of hyper-edges incident at a vertex. It is a well known result (due to Erd˝

Oct 1, 2012 - medium for an advertising campaign, or for lunching a social application. In some cases, OSN providers officially publish the total number of users. However, these numbers may be. (i) outdated, (ii) incorrect (there exist strong incenti

Nov 1, 2007 - 1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China. 2Shanghai Key Lab of ... degree distribution while its component size distribution follows a power law, both of which are related to the .... fol

Feb 22, 2016 - explicit solution. A popular example is the Lotka-Volterra equations, also known as predator-prey equations. The rates of change of the prey ...

Jun 23, 2014 - nonparametric estimation of divergence measures. 2 of distributions and use divergence measuires to estimate dissimilarity between examples. ... whenever the integrals in the underlying expressions are meaningful. These.

Oct 1, 2012 - ple, consider the market value (e.g., , stock price) of an online social network (OSN) service provider such ... cal view of the system (a list of neighbors). While this often leads to better scalability and reliability, ... millions of

Jun 14, 2016 - In particular, the information playing the role of integrity constraints is represented as an epistemic state too. In this way we generalize the epistemic states revision operators proposed by Benferhat et al. [3] (see also. [19]). We

Sep 24, 2015 - For nonparametric regression with one-sided errors and a boundary curve model for Poisson point processes we consider the problem of effi- cient estimation for linear functionals. The minimax optimal rate is ob- tained by an unbiased e

Since efficient esti- mators are asymptotically linear, the above substitution method is a particular case of substituting asymptotically linear estimators of a. Euclidean .... we will also introduce models that we propose to call parametrized linkag

Sep 24, 2013 - matrix Ω=(ωij) of the data in the Gaussian graphical model. ...... fied Block” model and a replicate of “Heterogeneous Product” model are shown ...

Aug 29, 2017 - Vector Addition Systems with States (VASS) consists of a finite state space equipped with d counters (d is called the dimension), where in each transition every counter is incremented, decremented, or left unchanged. VASS provide a fun

Dec 8, 2008 - DB] 8 Dec 2008 ..... 2000) as well as on synthetic data produced by DB-. GEN (TPC .... utes when data is not layed out in a flat file or in- dexed ...

Dec 8, 2008 - Abstract: Even if storage was infinite, a data warehouse could not materialize all possible views due to the running time and update requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to estimate quickly, accurately, and reliably the size of view

Dec 8, 2008 - UNASSSUMING VIEW-SIZE ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN OLAP. An Experimental Comparison. Kamel Aouiche and Daniel Lemire. LICEF, University of Quebec at Montreal, 100 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, Canada [email protected], [email protected] Ke

Aug 4, 2015 - 1Quantum Architectures and Computation Group, Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA (USA). 2Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems, Sydney, NSW (Australia) ..... nian learning and certification using quantum resources,”. Physical Review Lett

May 13, 2018 - We study population protocols: networks of anonymous agents ...... all agents reach level at least log n with probability at least 1 − 5f(n)n−α.

section 3 describes the considered test case of a stacked-tape cable; in section 4, the parameter used in the simulation are ..... magnetic field for amplitudes close to the self-field of the tapes used in the experimental test was not .... [14] M. Z