Dynamics, Structure and Glass Formation of Calcium Aluminate

aluminates comprise a new system where fragile-to-strong phase transitions are ubiquitous. Taking this holistic ... development of infra-red windows, ...

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Sep 21, 2016 - Additional details on identifying hopping clusters, testing for contaminants and TEM investigations .... In lieu of a typical load-lock bake, samples were stored under UHV conditions for >120 hrs to allow slow degassing while ... Howev

Nov 21, 2016 - Calle 59 no. 789, B1900BTE La Plata, Argentina. CCT CONICET La Plata, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientıficas y Técnicas, Argentina and. Departamento de Fısica ...... Cientıfica y Tecnológica (ANPCyT, Argentina), and Uni-

Aug 23, 2008 - We use fast laser scanning confocal microscopy which yields clear images deep inside our dense samples [38]. Despite the high density, the two colloidal species can be easily discerned. We acquire three-dimensional scans of our sample

Dec 8, 2013 - the opinions I expressed in that essay, plus a summary of the new information and a proposed strategy for .... actions must be used with great caution in these circum- stances, if they are to be used at all. ..... in the introductory pa

May 3, 2011 - In order to test the effects of resolution on disc and spheroid properties, we applied our disc/spheroid decompo- sition technique to the low resolution simulations. As found in other simulation studies, discs become more significant as

3 Department of Molecular Medicine, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio,. 15355 Lambda .... class of the underlying stochastic process. Our data (not shown) indicate that αc is inversely proportional

lic calcium (Ca2+) concentrations, is utilized universally across life and regulates many cellular processes, ... to extract T. gondii motility patterns. Using this pipeline, we were able to track T.gondii motility dynamics in re- ... Video Processin

We study a calcium aluminosilicate glass of composition (SiO2)0.67-(Al2O3)0.12- (CaO)0.21 by means of ... Alternatively, one can obtain a good description of such structural characteristics and of the dynamics of these complex systems from ab initio

We focus on the common case where the bi-directional coupling of intracellular calcium concentration ..... bi-directional coupling parameters α and γ, as well as the electrotonic coupling length scale parameters ξ ..... agreement between onset as

∗Electronic address: [email protected] strated that SDA provides an arrhythmogenic .... picture, a clear signature of the calcium-driven case would be the observation of a CaT alternans profile that is ...... that the agreement between onset as ob

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,. Arizona State University, Tempe AZ ..... interfacial tensions remain high, hence none of the conditions favorable for crossing the nucleation barriers are being .... those with positive slopes, and liquid-li

Mar 1, 2002 - PCC and PDD are unity. When there are frequent changes, PCC and PDD take small values. (3) Coherence among the dynamics of internal ...

among the California Institute of Technology, the University of California and the National Aeronautics and Space. Administration. ... lar populations, between rotating and non-rotating dE galaxies. The best-fitting mean age and metallicity for our 1

(Dated: December 30, 2017). We investigate numerically and analytically the coupled dynamics of transmembrane voltage and intracellular calcium cycling in paced cardiac cells using a detailed physiological model and its reduction to a three-dimension

A key feature of this theory is that the spatial extent of critically long excitation .... list of unanswered questions. II. EXCITATION-CHAIN DYNAMICS. All of the discussion that follows is based on a picture of a glass as a supercooled liquid in ...

B Sl for Uniaxial Anisotropy. 54. The physical properties of magnetic nanoparticles have been investigated with focus on the influence of dipolar interparticle interaction. For weakly coupled nanoparticles, thermodynamic perturbation theory is employ

Dec 7, 2010 - the following, we review the basic experimental procedure used in the experiments, and clarify a common confusion ...... What happens when we make a gate voltage scan? Let us consider a ”fast” scan, without yet mentioning compared t

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from the collected data. LM-OSL curve was fitted with linear combination of the first order kinetics equation (Kitis and Pagonis 2008), using spreadsheet software package Microsoft Excel with add-in utility – Solver (Afouxenidis et al. 2012). To ch

Jul 2, 2012 - f5/2 g9/2. (d) NN + 3N (pfg9/2 shell). FIG. 1. Neutron SPEs relative to the 40Ca energy as a function of mass number A. (a) SPEs obtained from ...

Mar 6, 2009 - Heinemann, T., Nordlund, Å., Scharmer, G. B., & Spruit, H. C. 2007, ApJ, 669, 1390 .... Solanki, S. K., & Montavon, C. A. P. 1993, A&A, 275, 283.

Jun 12, 2007 - ent preparations. For example, spindle oscillations in a large-scale thalamic model were found to emerge from reciprocal interactions between excitatory ... ent values of the resource utilization parameter u and the maximal frequency .

Mar 15, 2013 - on Mars, with little evidence for carbonate minerals else- where on the surface of the planet. van Berk et al. (2012) suggests that in Mars' history the partial pressure of CO2 was much higher than it is today, and that the ..... SiO2

Mar 15, 2013 - carbonate dust and also presents a possible method of formation for vaterite and its polymorphs on planetary surfaces. Key words. Astrochemistry ... as gas-phase condensation or processes on grain surfaces. Ceccarelli et al. (2002) ...