Density of states of disordered topological superconductor

May 2, 2013 - created excitement in the condensed matter physics com- munity as well as the broader ... (DOS) of finite disordered nanowires in the pr...

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Apr 30, 2012 - ward the center of the wire, the length scale of the expo- nential drop, ξ ≈ 30 a .... nels (Noc) as functions of the chemical potential µ for a fixed Zeeman .... imate quite well the numerical data (red empty circles). The agreeme

Oct 18, 2008 - presence of impurities, compared to that of the pure system. PACS numbers: 81.05. ... the system including the electronic density of states.11,12.

Feb 16, 2014 - We found that there exist mid-gap energy bands induced by the vortex superlattice and the mid-gap energy bands have nontrivial topological properties including the gapless edge states and non-zero winding number. An topological anisotr

Apr 1, 2011 - however, known that some degree of universality can be recovered by performing sample (or disorder) .... where Ln(z) is the Laguerre polynomial of degree n. This kernel is also known as the form factor in the ...... 76, 499 (1996); A. H

Jun 25, 2013 - ... on the DOS, for electron and phonon systems [5]. ... For phonons the situation is different, because one ..... Communications 4, 1793 (2013).

arXiv:cond-mat/9509137v3 30 Oct 1995 ... (September 8, 1995). Abstract ..... [6] M. F. Crommie, C. P. Lutz and D. M. Eigler, Nature 363, 524 (1993); Science 262,.

Aug 30, 2011 - Analyzing the dispersion relations and the spectrum of the linear chain we show that the excess of low frequency modes, the analog of the boson peak in glassy disordered systems, arises from the strong coupling between rotations and tr

Jul 9, 1999 - have nontrivial quantum corrections due to both nesting and elastic impurity scattering processes, as a result the van Hove singularity is preserved in the center of the band. However, the energy ... host atoms of the lattice. Then, the

Aug 29, 2017 - Abstract. Quadratic bosonic Hamiltonians over a one-particle Hilbert space ... tected states also appears in other physical systems described by wave equations. ... this Krein space structure for the spectral analysis of the BdG ...

We present a numerical study of the quasi-particle density of states (DoS) of two-dimensional d- ... marize some key features of the system: Each node ac-.

Dec 23, 2013 - of states (LDoS) in disordered two-dimensional electron gases (2DEG) in the quantum Hall regime, .... electronic states. These disorder effects can be well cap- tured within a semi classical picture33–37 involving a nat- ural decompo

Nov 9, 2010 - a Majorana edge mode preserving the time reversal symmetry. We calculate topological invariant number and discuss the relevance to a single Majorana edge mode. In the presence of the Majorana edge mode, the SDOS depends strongly on the

Aug 29, 2011 - for F.5 In experiments using strong ferromagnets, the re- sults have been less clear.13,14 At this time, to the best of our knowledge, there is no ...

supercurrent, leading to a modification of the DOS and to a reduction of the gap. .... field created by the supercurrent has a negligible effect: for Is = 70 µA in the ...

them the DOS and the critical temperature of the superconducting transition Tc were analyzed in the “dirty limit”. This means that the ..... Here MS = (klµ)2 + κ2 s.

Nov 12, 2014 - 1Graduate School Materials Science in Mainz, Staudingerweg 9, 55128 Mainz, Germany. 2Institut für Physik, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Staudingerweg 7, 55128 Mainz, Germany∗. 3Physikalisches Institut, Goethe-Universität F

When a normal metal is in contact with a superconductor, pairing correlations appear on the normal side. The proximity effect ... In this Letter we focus on this last aspect by considering the case in which the metal is an itinerant ferromagnet. ...

Jan 17, 2001 - quantum wires for all ten pure Cartan symmetry classes. The anomalous ...... 18 T. Senthil, M. P. A. Fisher, L. Balents, and C. Nayak,. Phys. Rev.

Nov 7, 2007 - tial approximation (CPA),30,34 the corresponding results are appropriate to address the electronic structures of graphene with an extreme low ...

In recent work on the DOS of disordered d-wave super- conductors, Pépin ..... Hirschfeld and D. V. Khveshchenko, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86,. 5982 (2001). 3 A. Altland ...

Apr 30, 2018 - (Dated: May 2, 2018). The Brillouin zone of the clean Weyl semimetal contains points at which the density of states (DoS) vanishes. Previous work suggested that below a certain critical concentration of impurities this feature is prese

Jan 17, 2001 - the DOS whereby the wire is closed by a perfectly reflecting wall on the right. ...... R. Gade and F. Wegner, ibid, 360, 213 (1991). 10 A. Furusaki ...

Nov 25, 2014 - Gil Young Cho,1 Rodrigo Soto-Garrido,1 and Eduardo Fradkin1, 2. 1Department of ... 2Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4030, USA ... d-wave SC state in the pseudogap regime [9, 13â

Mar 21, 2016 - with a Chern number C = 4 to a topological phase with C = 1, in the disordered system ..... performed using CLUMEQ/McGill HPC supercomput-.