Deep XMM-Newton survey of M33

As demonstrated above, our setup of XMM-Newton raster observations of M33 yields very interesting ... 2001, A&A 365, L1. Kahabka, P., van den Heuvel, ...

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EPIC spectra and hardness ratios are used to distinguish between different source classes. We confirmed the 3.45 d orbital light curve of the X-ray binary M33 ...

sources in the M33 field with the source detection programs of the SAS. We created unsmoothed merged images, expo- sure maps and masks in a similar way as ... ”Bi”. Specifically the use of HR3 and HR4 should allow us to separate XRBs from AGN, in

Mar 17, 2015 - cover the entire galaxy, but have not allowed many de- tailed spectral studies or even a very deep X-ray ... 1992), simplifying detection of resident dis- crete X-ray sources as well as interpretation of the .... were taken into accoun

Dec 20, 2017 - with broadband stellar studies of the outskirts of M33 and test whether a flattening of the gradient is present as found in similar galaxies (e.g. Bresolin et al. 2009). Motivated by the paradig- matic case of M31, which shows a variet

Mar 20, 2006 - 3Department of Astronomy, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, USA. 4Institut .... The data were obtained using the Queue Service Observing mode at .... We felt that the data are of sufficient value that it is worth releasing

Dec 20, 2017 - 40 kpc from the centre of the galaxy. The PN candidates are detected by the combination of images obtained in narrowband filters selecting the [OIII]λ5007Å and Hα + [NII] nebular lines and in the continuum g' and r' broadband filter

Jun 10, 2008 - Given a cluster age of ∼ 3 Myr it is likely that the massive stars have not yet evolved into SNe. We detect ... However, mass loss from young stars cannot account for the unabsorbed X-ray luminosity of. LX = 4.8 × 1035 erg s−1. ..

Mar 20, 2007 - A CO cloud to the southeast of the SNR (Banas et al. ... cPs/k = 4 × (2.3n0)Ts, where the 4 accounts for the strong shock density jump, and 2.3 is ...

Sep 26, 2007 - data provide the most intensive, high spatial resolution assessment of the X-ray source populations available for the confused inner ... The initial source catalog, arising from ∼ 2/3 of the expected survey data, includes 394 sources

Feb 26, 2008 - 3Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, 85741 Garching, Germany; [email protected]; [email protected] .... Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) test against a constant photon arrival rate during the brightest detection. ...... M. E., McMurray

Feb 26, 2008 - Other transient events come from supersoft sources (SSSs; e.g. .... We also made use of the XMM-Newton EPIC-pn data pertaining to the SSS ...

Aug 20, 2007 - Preprint online version: December 14, 2013. ABSTRACT. Context. Constraints .... free emission. The Hα emission, the strongest. Balmer line, is observationally most preferred, par- ticularly from nearby galaxies. Both the Hα and free-

Apr 4, 2016 - Foundation. This paper uses data products produced by the OIR Telescope Data Center, supported by the .... luminosities of such stars have proven to be very useful tests of stellar evolutionary theory. (see, e.g. ... and reddest stars,

Mar 20, 2007 - artifact. Bottom panels: False color RGB composite of the optical images, with Hα .... enlarged version of the same image with colors rescaled to ...

Sep 2, 2008 - 2 School of Mathematics and Statistics, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, U.K.. Preprint online version: September 2, 2008. ABSTRACT. Aims. We study the magnetic field structure, ...... 2004) and Hα (Wisconsin Hα map

spread over a large area, making feasible to cover a significant fraction of the cluster in few nights. We carried out a deep photometric survey in January 1998, using the cousin R and. I filters, and covering a large fraction of the cluster, around

Details on the data reduction are presented elsewhere ([1], [8]). The resulting ultra-deep survey incorporates a total of 164 hours of observation. On the final natural weighted image the RMS noise increases uniformly from 9µJy at the center to 25µ

Finally, we discuss some lessons which might apply to future large surveys such as LSST. Keywords: surveys, gravitational lensing, astrophysical transients. 1. ... the sample is part of the art of the supernova search. Ironically .... This seeing dep

Oct 23, 2006 - Finally, the scientific quality of these final images and associated catalogs was assessed qualitatively by visual inspection and quantitatively ... of the same dataset using an independent (hands-on) software system. Finally to illust

Jul 3, 2006 - This paper is part of the series presenting the final results obtained by the ESO Imaging Survey (EIS) project. It ... complementary multi-band (in general UBVRI) optical data obtained using ESO's wide-field imager (WFI) and deeper J an

Jun 27, 2011 - galaxies, is best studied through spectroscopic observations of its major cooling lines: [C i], [C ii], and [Oi] trace .... tions of an emission free off source position outside of the galaxy at RA/Dec (J2000) = 22.5871◦/30.6404◦.

ABSTRACT. We present the first interferometric 12CO (J = 1 → 0) map of the entire Hα disk of M33. The. 13′′ diameter synthesized beam corresponds to a linear resolution of 50 pc, sufficient to distinguish individual giant molecular clouds (GMC

Mar 27, 2018 - lines will contaminate the measured broadband continuum flux densities, causing the latter to be overestimated. As dis- cussed by Planck Collaboration ...... corporate and evaluate four different CMB-subtraction tech- niques. As we hav

Jul 13, 2004 - factor of four, partly due to the youth of the Universe at that redshift. ... sities with our Monte-Carlo methods; this is not a significant source of error. In ... This gives a predicted baryonic mass density of ≃ 108 M⊙ Mpc−3 i