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706 results - applied metadata is not practical for most open, web-based collections a solution has been sought in ...... In a startling echo of Ranga...

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706 results - The profusion of digital images made available online presents a new challenge for image indexing. Images have always been problematic to describe and catalogue due to lack of inherent textual data and ambiguity of meaning. Because prof

Sep 16, 2017 - CHAPTER 1. FLUORESCENT SILICON CLUSTERS. 4 of silicon clusters and nanoparticles, such as quantum confinement and surface passivation ... The arrows indicate the magnitude of the energy band gap, Eg, the pathways ..... It is important

to the Constitution prohibits the government from censoring what citizens can say: “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. ...... an appropriable cscw tool ecology: Lessons from the greatest international sca

ception in Syracuse and Mississippi contributed a great deal to my under- standing of ... The problem, which I shall discuss in this thesis, can be situated in the area ...... best knowledge of the author no set of intrinsic conditions on Ω is known

6 days ago - ing where the number of studies and the maturity of empirical methods used is increasing, but not yet ... Guidelines for Systematic Mapping Studies in Security Engineering □ 3 engineering [4, 7, 8, 6, 11, ... a process presented in a r

coffee. Henceafter a peak appears at the centre of the density distribution of the atomic cloud, which can be imaged by a resonant absorption technique after a ballistic expansion of the cloud as it is realesed from the trap (See. Fig. ...... where H

Feb 5, 1998 - have completely changed nature and characteristics of network traffic, from those traffic had been ... ing of new types of traffic clearly indicate that new studies and research in the area are needed. ..... for other necessary types of

Information from ADCs and TDCs is read out from the Read-Out Controllers. (ROCs) which are CPUs in the FASTBUS and VME crates. The ROCs communicate with the Trigger Supervisor, which generates the triggers that start the ROC read outs. Then, the ROCs

2.4 F(y,|q|) for 2H and 12C from Jlab experiment E89-008. . . . . . . . . ..... (1.1) where Z1e and m are the charge and mass of the incoming particle, Ze is that of the nucleus, and q4 is the 4th power of the 3-momentum transfer, q. In this formula,

Jul 20, 2009 - nomenon of anomalous diffusion, where the mean square displacement of an ensemble of particles does not grow linearly ... In other words, there exists a unique solution to the equations of motion in form of xn = F(xn−1) = ... = Fn(x0

is a particular case of density. Of course, this is also the diagram that expresses transitivity. We can also think of this diagram when we are developing products of functors, on product categories. It describes three main forms that inheritance wil

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PG(x, y) = inf M (A(Cary, OG; G)). Cary Cry = v[0, 1] Y. Y(0) = x 7(1) = Y. G = Bn bøn (, y). (X, di) (Y, d2) f : X → Y w: [0, 0) + (0, 0) w(0) = 0 d2f(x), f(y)) < w(di(x, y)) .... m(x,y). V27(e) — 1) > AG, ei

Ag(x, y). G C R" x, y E G. pg(x, y). Ig(x, y)1/(1-n) ug(x, y). (G, d) d Ag(x, y)1/(1-n) pg(x, y). B? \ {0} f : (G;, mg;) + (G;, mg;) i = 1, 2 (G, mg) (G", mc'). G = G1 UG2 ..... B" (a, dzd(a)) C Di(a, log(1/(1 - dz))). di dz dz a, z E G |z – a| < d

Since the earliest days of work on semiconductor devices, diodes have played critically important roles. ... itself is not a main element of modern digital electronics, the physics of the diode structure is essential for many .... Vd. Because the sol

banking system within the market ensures that financial transactions pertaining to SLAs between participants are .... It is a set of open source tools, when puts together, contribute to deliver an Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution .... AppScale [1

coding (introns) regions of a DNA sequence is one of the central problems of genomics. ... statistical and other techniques on sequences of different organisms. ..... different]. This observation clearly indicates that zero padding a sequence does no

Title page. Names of the authors: F. Tárkányi1, A. Hermanne2, F. Ditrói1, ... application of the data for medical isotope production is shortly discussed. Keywords: ...

For the MPA sample and observed sample we cannot make subsamples ( .... ... Laval (available online at.

Title page. Names of the authors: F. Tárkányi1, A. Hermanne2, F. Ditrói1, S. Takács1. Title: Activation cross section data of proton induced nuclear reactions on ...

Furthermore, in analogy to the Wiedemann-Franz law, ..... fit to the average of the experimental data, green lines show the modelling data for a series of .... Authors also grateful to funding by the EU (projects FUNPROB, QUANTIHEAT) and.

India. 2. M. BOSE. Department of Physics,. Jadavpur University,. Kolkata-700032,. India. • Corresponding author's e-mail address: [email protected] ..... m s. -1 and 5 × 10. 4. m s. -1. , were assumed in paper 1. Instead, we have considered her

Identifying key concepts and detailed descriptions within full-text articles can be done with the assistance of text mining algorithms and ... So far, several studies have been conducted to explore the article concepts. ... abstract content, and sent

information systems' user log files, social media platforms and other sources. These sources are ... It sketches a perspective on altmetrics and proposes new lines in longer term, strategic indicator research. .... In the proper use of informetric to