Conformations of entangled semiflexible polymers: entropic trapping

Aug 2, 2009 - important if the network is build of semiflexible polymers. ..... tion it is of crucial importance to check if it guarantees a conversio...

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Aug 20, 2007 - lattice) is governed by a master (Chapman-Kolmogorov) equation, .... weight of a shorter PP subchain, accounting for interaction with a self-consistent ...... for the degree of orientational ordering that remains real and ...... dotted

Nov 7, 2016 - Large aspect ratio (small θ0) chains behave comparably to stiff fibers: resistance to ..... 71◦ (C∞ ≃ 2), and low-aspect-ratio chains (θ0 = 90◦).

The number of links needed to collapse a polymer in three dimensions thus scales as Nφ, ... of the squared end to end distance is equivalent to deter- mining the ...

Confinement of semiflexible polymers. Jemal Guven. ∗ and Pablo Vázquez-Montejo. †. Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Apdo. Postal 70-543, 04510 México, DF, MEXICO. Abstract. A variational framework is d

Jul 31, 1998 - characterize the longitudinal and transverse dynamics; using ensemble averag- ing for a range ... A similar result can be found from an analysis of the linear response of a filament to a weak ..... “kicks” of a collection of motors

rigidity vanishes exponentially at large length scales and its asymptotic behaviour is used to define the persistence length. For semiflexible polymers, our result agrees with the persistence length obtained using the asymptotic behaviour of tangent

Jun 16, 2015 - a parallel circle; as its length increases it elongates along the cylinder axis, with two hairpin ends. Excited states ... energies ≈ pE0 (nE0), with E0 the energy of a circular loop with same radius as the cylinder; in ... For insta

Sep 10, 2015 - Correspondingly, in one hour, a standard desktop computer can ..... we write the bead positions as rn = rnd and t = ξτ/λ, which gives the ...

chain with rigidity κ or persistence length Lp ≡ κ/kT is U = 1. 2κ ∫ ds ... kT ˆG(t, ˆLp). Prior work has identified some relevant time scales and provided predictions for G(t) in several limits: Rod-like chains (L ≪ Lp) should behave like

Feb 22, 2018 - translocation of flexible polymers, friction related to the polymer segment on the trans side has a considerable ... on translocation of fully flexible polymers. ...... Foundation. [1] J. J. Kasianowicz, E. Brandin, D. Branton, and D.

The cor- responding model is the wormlike chain introduced by. Kratky and Porod almost 50 years ago [10]. A central quantity for characterizing the conforma- tions of single polymer chains is the distribution func- tion G(r; L) of the end–to–end

Fortran user-subroutine, MATLAB and Python-scripting. (Table I). TABLE I. ... discretized into a one-dimensional model of 20 elements (bot- tom). polymer is ...

Sep 12, 2010 - [32] P. Cifra, J. Chem. Phys. 131, 224903 (2009). [33] T. W. Burkhardt, Y. Yang, and G. Gompper,. arXiv:1008.1594v1 [cond-mat.soft] (2010). [34] F. Thüroff, F. Wagner, and E. Frey, EPL 91, 38004. (2010). [35] R. Chelakkot, R. G. Winkl

Feb 1, 2008 - rod models [3] as a local twist-bend coupling, which is observed up to a screening length ℓBP that lies between a and. ℓp. .... It is well known that the statistical mechanics of semiflexible chains are difficult due to the constrai

Oct 25, 2016 - Institute for Advanced Simulation and Institute of Complex Systems, ... properties of the mean square end-to-end distance with respect to the polymer length and monomer activity are discussed. ... An example is the linear viscoelastic

Aug 5, 2005 - translation of genetic information from DNA to cellular function. Quantitative experimental studies of these biological systems have led to a renewed interest in the polymer mechanics relevant for describing the conformational free ener

The dynamic structure factor of semiflexible polymers in solution is derived from the wormlike chain model. Special attention is paid to the ... For the cases of dilute and semidilute solutions exact expressions for the initial slope are obtained. ..

Oct 27, 2007 - Lp, of the WLC is sufficiently large, nematic ordering is observed ... ing with L/Lp. Our model also predicts an orientational ..... Sol. SIAS. Nematic Gel. L/Lp. 0. µ2. 1. 0,01. 0,005. 0,0 η. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0. 0,05. 0,1. 0,0 η. 0.

Dec 11, 2013 - the centers-of-mass of the rings in the amorphous cluster phase, consisting of disordered columns of oblate rings ... in polymer solutions, offers a route for discovering and designing novel soft matter phases ..... parison between dat

Jan 18, 2007 - Department of Biological Physics, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, .... tion, free energy profile and force extension relation for each of these ...... [45] We use the MatrixExp function of Mathematica[48].

Jan 18, 2007 - *Electronic address: [email protected] For instance, microtubule-associated proteins .... qualitative signature of semiflexibility would be a non- monotonic force extension for stiffnesses ...... the force-extensions found fr

Jun 20, 2009 - arXiv:0809.0667v2 [cond-mat.soft] 20 Jun 2009. End-monomer Dynamics in Semiflexible Polymers. Michael Hinczewski∗ ...... pi(n)=1+ ai/n + bi/n2 + ··· , with coefficients ai and bi given in Table 1 of Appendix B. For L ≫ a and lp

Apr 11, 2016 - USA [E-Mail:[email protected]]. 2 Institute for Physical Chemistry ... our DFT results, where extensive variation of the persistence length, the chain length and the polymer concentration in the bulk solution will .... proces

value. While the direction of the applied field fixes the linking number, a gradient in the same field allows the DNA molecules to be put under tension. ..... √A/2ǫ(Tα + ǫ˜τMα/A(1 + cos θ)), α = 1, 2. Choose the normalization N so that the limit ǫ →