Community structure in introductory physics course networks

Jul 16, 2015 - sections and small studio classroom environments. Extending those results, this study focuses on calculus-based introductory physics co...

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Jul 12, 2016 - Social choice theory [1] is concerned with transforming individual de- cision into collective ones. As a research area it spans mathematics, economics, political science, philosophy, and as of recently, computer science. The interest f

Jul 12, 2016 - of estimating whether this issue is true or false, but I am the only one that is an authority on its truth-state. If a group of agents are making a collective plan to accomplish a goal, and only one of the agents is able to execute act

specifically for students in the algebra-based physics class, most efforts have been local and not widely disseminated or have resulted in a text.1 The course has not been the focus of major curricular changes: in content, .... no lecture. – and co

Here, there is a relatively high probability of an edge between two vertices whose attribute values fall into the same ... in 2-dimensional space, uniformly distributed across a plane of size √N × √N. The probability of an ..... computed layout

Sep 27, 2007 - to the development of algorithmic tools for discovering communities—see [5] for a review. Nearly all of these methods, however, have one thing in common: they are intended for the analysis of undirected network data. Many of the netw

continuous-valued attribute, such as age or geographical location. In such ... network of millions of Belgian mobile phone users, Blondel et al. [5] found ... This correspondence between homophily and communities only holds if attribute values are ..

mechanics before relativity and typically feel that a good grounding in Galilean transforma- tions is needed ... courses are discussed in Section V. APS is briefly compared to an alternative algebraic ap- proach using STA ..... In the lab, the spacet

Title:!!From!F=ma!to!Flying!Squirrels:!Curricular!Change!in!an!Introductory!Physics! Course! ! Authors:! ! Brian!O'Shea*,!Lyman!Briggs!College!and!the!Department!of!Physics!! and!Astronomy,!Michigan!State!University! ! ! Laura!Terry,!College!of!Educa

Nov 14, 2017 - Quantum time evolution exhibits rich physics, attributable to the interplay between the density and phase of a wave function. However, unlike classical heat diffusion, the wave nature of quantum mechanics has not yet been extensively e

1 Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol – Bristol BS8 1UB, England ... Fb – Structures and organization in complex systems. Abstract ...

at one particular example of assortative mixing, namely mixing by vertex degree, in which vertices with similar .... By varying the height of the cut, one can arrange for the number of communities to take any desired value. ..... Now we can define a

Aug 23, 2010 - cial networks literature as a posteriori blockmodeling [4]. A number of ... thors but take a somewhat different tack, focusing on the question of why degree heterogeneity in blockmodels is a good idea. To study this question, we develo

Sep 13, 2007 - The discovery of community structure is a common challenge in the analysis of network data. Many methods have been proposed for finding ...

Dec 14, 2017 - the provided solution is indeed the optimal one and usually can not even tell how close to the optimal the solution is, with the rare exception of algorithms with some guaranteed per- formance estimates [38]. ..... [13] T. Hastie, The

Mar 10, 2014 - Washington (black node in 1) in NCAA football college network. Black nodes indicate ... set C = C U 1al and N = N U Γ(a) - C. 4. Repeat 2 and 3 ...

Jul 10, 2014 - linators [1], as well as documents and words [2, 3], genes and genetic sequences [4], actors and movies [5–7], social net- ...... In this construction, the third type a community connects equally with both type b communities. When th

Feb 17, 2006 - Past work on methods for discovering groups in net- works divides into ..... into two parts. Many networks, however, contain more than two communities, so we would like to extend our method to find good divisions of networks into large

Oct 12, 2005 - used by Google seems to be optimized for the degree of isolation of communities as they exist in the .... two-parameter best fits to the data with the Eq.1. .... [1] S. Brin and L. Page, Computer Networks and ISDN Sys- tems, 30 ...

Aug 30, 2004 - items for sale on the web-site of a large online retailer, items in the network being linked if they are frequently purchased by the same ... by links or edges, representing data connections between computers, friendships ..... munitie

Nov 4, 2007 - in Congress directly from the network data without the need to supply specific information ... LEGISLATION COSPONSORSHIP NETWORKS.

Mar 4, 2005 - networks [7], citation networks [8, 9] and biological net- works [10]. ... Similarly, the computer science community has proposed algorithms based on the ..... Note that for these graphs, when zout = 12, edges between vertices in the sa

free' networks generated from the Barabasi-Albert model [5],. [6], [7]. However, the ... short paths through overlapping communities exist on such networks, allowing ..... networks illustrated might still be small world, due to the presence of weak t

By removing these edges, we separate groups from one another and so reveal the underlying community structure of the graph. The algorithm we propose for identifying communities is simply stated as follows: 1. Calculate the betweenness for all edges i

Jun 5, 2016 - on optimizing the permanence of the network [Chakraborty et al. 2014]. In this paper, after ... In-depth Analysis of Communities Obtained using MaxPerm. ...... Rumour Spreading and Graph. Conductance. In SODA. SIAM, 1657–1663. http://