Canonical partition function and finite density phase transition in lattice

Oct 16, 2008 - phase transition line in the (T,µq) plane is interesting both from the ..... 2: Distribution of the saddle point at β = 3.55, 3.63, 3...

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magnetism, stock market crashes and the decon- finement transition in the early universe. In statistical .... 2. Distribution of zeroes for the four-dimensional. Abelian surface gauge model which has a second order transition. The symbols and о corr

Apr 9, 2015 - 3Theoretical Center for Science Facilities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China. 4School of Physics .... effect of the chemical potential makes βc to drop from its original value at µ = 0. At an even lower temperature,

Nov 15, 2015 - 3. Canonical approach and its numerical instability. It is well known that the grand canonical partition function can be represented with the canon- .... Then, to perform rounding exactly, computers usually .... [9] D. E. Knuth, The Ar

Nov 15, 2015 - For a long time, the QCD phase diagram has been studied using a perturbation ... limited range of temperature and density. ... quantities at the finite real chemical potential (finite density) region. 2. .... data below Tc and lower gr

Mar 19, 2013 - 1Department of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, ...... (University of Colorado Press, Boulder, Colorado, USA,.

[21] N. Eicker, et al, SESAM-Collaboration, Phys. Lett. B389, 720 (1996). [22] S. Bernardson, P. McCarty and C. Thron, Comp. Phys. Commun. 78, 256 (1994). 16 ...

Oct 4, 1994 - Physics Department, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, ... over into the canonical commutation relation appropriate for the description of ...

Nov 4, 2012 - KEK Theory Center, High Energy Accelerator Research ..... of the phase factor 〈eiImS〉 is real, the one-point function 〈ImS〉 is zero, and hence.

Oct 4, 1994 - in section II, this system is purely bosonic ( complete with Bose-Einstein condensation ) with the effects of the deforming parameter only appearing in correlation functions if the bi's are assumed to commute . We are therefore motivate

Abstract. We carry out a finite density calculation based on a canonical approach which is designed to address the overlap problem. Two degenerate flavor simulations are performed using Wilson gauge action and Wilson fermions on 44 lattices, at tempe

Sep 26, 2005 - The standard approach, the Glasgow reweighting method. [1], is to split the fermionic part into a .... Fourier transform. In the limit N → ∞, we recover the ..... We did not include the data for n = 6 since it replicates the result

Jul 17, 1998 - 269, 333 (1996); T. Hatsuda, H. Shiomi and H. Kuwabara,. Prog. Theor. Phys. 95, 1009 ... [15] S.D. Odintsov and Yu.I. Shil'nov, Mod. Phys. Lett.

Feb 28, 2012 - Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba, ... Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima ...

performs at the speed of 2.4 GFlops per node on Hitachi computer. We needed from 1000. (τ ≡ Ntraj ·nτ ·δτ = 250) to 3000 (τ = 750) trajectories for thermalization, depending on κ and β. For runs started from configurations generated at the

Mar 12, 2016 - Institut für Theoretische Physik and IQST, Albert-Einstein-Allee 11, Universität Ulm, D-89069 Ulm, Germany .... Here we introduce the new spin operators τz = ∣∣¯T〉〈¯T∣∣ -. ∣ ..... [5] M. E. Fisher and M. N. Barber, P

Sep 14, 2007 - HEP Division, Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 South Cass Ave., Argonne, IL, 60439, USA. E-mail: [email protected] J. B. Kogut. Department of Energy, Division of High Energy Physics, Washington, DC 20585, USA and .... Random matrix cal

cIndiana University, Department of Physics, Swain Hall-West 117, Bloomington, IN 47405, USA. dTheory Division, CERN, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland.

Dec 17, 2002 - sent the flavor index. q and qc are the quark spinor and its charge conjugated. I am assuming the following evolution of scales: even if one encounters a first order transition, one expects that the relevant correlation length grows wh

bulk phase transition line at its endpoint. Moreover, across the bulk tran- sition line, the Polyakov .... in this region, suggesting the endpoint to be a higher order phase transition, although the location of endpoint was obtained in Ref. ..... fig

Apr 6, 1994 - More than 20 years have passed since the advent of QCD, but the crucial physical ques- tions about the ... There are two other directions of research which seem now most promising: lattice numerical simulations [2] and ... As we shall d

Oct 14, 2008 - E-mail: [email protected] Xiangfei Meng. Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Kentucky, Lexington KY 40506, USA. Department of Physics, Nankai University, Tianjin 300071, China. Email: [email protected] Andrei A

discuss the real-world case with two light quarks and an intermediate mass ..... More likely in the two flavor case is that the transition switches from second to first ...

tor is well-defined. Z = ∫ [dU][dU†]detM(µ)e−Sg[U,Ut] ... mined with reasonable statistical error. There is ... This ad-hoc definition takes account of the fact that the ...

Oct 31, 2006 - non-pert. Rew. [34]. Table 1: Comparison of the first nontrivial coefficient t2 in the Taylor expansion of the transition line. All results have been obtained with Nt = 4. 4. Hadronic fluctuations. Following the transition line into th