The violation of ESRII and GMO − ESRI, which is of second order in ... and ESRI. This means that a particular linear combination of the coefficients...

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This leads to an equal spacing rule for the pion couplings, which agrees well with the data. The SU(3) breaking in the decuplet-octet transition axial currents is related to ..... and ESRI. This means that a particular linear combination of the coeff

theories valid in the low energy domain. In four ... relying on low energy approximations. The price to pay for this is that the mesons fields are not local. To see ...

Jul 17, 2015 - The results provide good estimates for the first sub-leading in 1/Nc corrections. 1. Introduction. QCD in the large Nc limit ... vide a good description of baryons in the large Nc and large quark mass limits. ... $Preprint: JLAB-THY-15

Sep 3, 2015 - The AdS/CFT correspondence provides, at least in principle, ... theory of gravity – that is, one where G is small – is dual to a CFT with large.

This idea was proposed by many authors at the end of 70's [1] and has ..... the spanish Ministerio de Educación y Cultura under a postdoctoral Fellowship.

Jun 15, 2011 - School of Physical Sciences, Swansea University .... Building a large variational basis in all the symmetry channels, corresponding to the quantum numbers of the hadrons for which we want to extract the mass spectrum, proves to ... thi

Aug 20, 1999 - The relation between the Skyrme model and the constituent quark model, ..... talks was the televised resignation speech of R. M. Nixon.

Judah M. Eisenberg was elegant in appearance as well as in expression. His taste for elegance carried over into his research, and hence it was most natural.

Here Rn(z) is the rational map for baryon number n, and z is defined as z = tanv/2 eiρ. ... The rational maps open the door to more realistic applications to nuclei.

Λc baryons have quark content cud with the ud pair in an isospin zero and spin zero state like the ground state Λc. However, unlike the ground state, in these excited Λc baryons the ud pair has a unit of orbital angular momentum about the charm qu

Nov 7, 1994 - on meson-baryon scattering amplitudes which must be satisfied for the .... identities (for three flavors) in Tables VIII, XI and XII and the operator ...

Mar 11, 2014 - Roger Tribea) and Oleg Zaboronskib). Department ..... by white-in-time noise, even though the structure of the interaction terms should be very ...

May 31, 2005 - framework of a collective field theory approach. ... analysis. For this reason, the construction of the collective field theory for fermionic vector.

May 27, 1996 - in flat R5,1 do exist. These theories have been called “tensionless non-critical strings”. They acquired that name because by a relevant perturbation ... theory is described in the IR by a free anti-self-dual tensor field. ... feat

non-linear σ model. It is somewhat surprising that the same statistical model can be described by two different theories. Since the results derived in this way .... answers are based upon the following assumption: the dimensions of operators ... pro

Jun 13, 2003 - solution of the general scalar U(φ2) field theory is then applied to other issues like tricritical behaviour and double ..... set up variational calculations which parallel the large N limit calculations. The effect of weak ...... cor

teracting theory to a free fermion theory with self-consistently determined pa- rameters. For example, the ..... H in the σ direction, the free energy density W(H) (defined here as the opposite of the action density E ...... again replace the σ pro

Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences. School of Physics and Astronomy. Tel Aviv .... the thermal bath. }U0. UT. -. }UT. Figure 3: The energeti-.

To leading order, the Laughlin states describe classical droplets of fluids with uniform ..... the review article [6] we can, e.g., verify the normalization of the wave ...

Oct 18, 1996 - SISSA,Via Beirut 2-4, I-34013, Trieste, Italy. Abstract. Our aim is to give a ..... 1Let us notice, to avoid confusion, that our functions cσ and cτ correspond to those of [20] multiplied by the factor 2/N, ... phase is that its (non

May 9, 2012 - University of California. Santa Barbara ... The University of Iowa. Iowa City .... Real part of F(M2) (red online) and imaginary part of F(M2 − iÇ«) ...

ABSTRACT. We review the solutions of O(N) and U(N) quantum field theories in the large. N limit and as 1/N expansions, in the case of vector representations. Since in- variant composite fields have small fluctuations for large N, the method relies on

In this phase the vacuum expectation value of λ(x) vanishes, while φr(x) has a vacuum expectation √Nvr, given by the solution of the equation. δΓ[λ] δλ(x)∣. ∣.

May 11, 2015 - show that this means that the TBA partition function at large N is that of a free .... [(p1 + ··· + p2M )µ(p1 + ··· + p2M )ν − ηµν(p1 + ··· + p2M )2]. ×. 1.