Assessing the Performance of Question-and-Answer Communities

Jul 29, 2014 - Question-&-Answer (QA) websites have emerged as efficient platforms for knowledge sharing and problem solving. In particular, the Stack...

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The coach's task is to provide real-time feedbacks to ensure ... Fitbit Coach provides workout guides .... Sequences of Real World Scenes, IEEE Transactions.

Nov 3, 2017 - three fundamental concepts in signal detection theory: the true positive fraction (TPF), false positive fraction (FPF), and detection threshold. By supplying a theoretical basis and recipe for generating the performance map, we hope to

determining quality in HE (the research assessment exercise). Metrics2, rather than peer review will be ... A scientist has index h if h of his Np papers have at least h citations each, and the other (Np - h) papers have at most ... published papers

Anthropology, Schools of Life Sciences and Pharmacy, Fudan University, Shanghai 201203, China. 17 Department of Mathematics and ..... We thank David L. Duewer for review of the manuscript, Cecelie Boysen for discussion of results, and all .... s.nist

2 Department of Electrical Engineering, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan ... Performance Analysis ... vision systems today. In this work, we propose a generic framework for finding the operating and guarantee regions o

Apr 19, 2016 - this idea to obtain bounds for any phase-insensitive Gaussian bosonic channel. ... arXiv:1511.08710v2 [quant-ph] 19 Apr 2016 ...... [Online]. Available: [32] R. Garcıa-Patrón, S. Pirandola, S. Lloyd,

Jun 9, 2017 - for the Newsvendor problems. introducing the Deep Learning neural network architecture and derive the BP algorithm when the proposed L1 loss function is ..... 'randi(20,3)' function, indicating that drawing data from uniform distributio

Jun 5, 2017 - Designing useful person re-identification systems for real-world applications requires attention to operational aspects not typically considered in academic research. Here, we focus on the temporal aspect of re-identification; that is,

Nov 29, 2016 - In this paper, we present a framework for assessing the effect of non-stationary Gaus- sian noise and radio frequency interference (RFI) on the signal to noise ratio, the number of false positives detected per true positive and the sen

Mar 11, 2015 - 700 km depending on solar activity. The migrating and semi-diurnal tides are specified at the lower boundary using the Global Scale Wave ...... with the Space Weather Modeling Framework, Space Weather,. 5, 06003, doi:10.1029/2006SW0002

Dec 1, 2014 - number qdet of detected clusters and the actual number q (here q = 2). ... In Eq. 3 di indicates the degree of node i. So the ele- ments of F are basically the elements of B, normalized by node degrees. This is done to account for the h

Oct 28, 2016 - over the LDA and GGA functionals in describing the electronic structure and phonon frequencies, the static structural properties of ... calculations have proved the method of choice for many researches owing to its speed and ... proper

framework, utilizing suitable metrics that mirror real-world performance of different components of the system, is ... proposes a generic framework for finding the operating and guarantee regions of a local feature detector under some ..... These det

Abstract: Maintenance plays now a critical role in manufacturing for achieving important cost savings and competitive advantage while ... taking into account the constraint of a minimum maintenance cost. In this flow-centered vision, the system ... w

cell range is expected to be limited to 50 – 100 meters, and ... present study was specifically enhanced to deal with detailed .... of each active user is limited to 15 Mbps. IV. SIMULATION RESULTS. The proposed small-cell network is shown in Fig.

Government statistical agencies often apply statistical disclosure limitation ... realistic assessments of risk which take account of the kinds of mea- surement and ...

original data points in a lower dimensional space, where the clustering properties of a graph are much more evident, and .... large complex networks. Also, Spectral Clustering has a poor resolution to detect ..... connectivity with respect to the loc

Jun 24, 2016 - P to the SDP solution matrix. ˆ. Z (the Gram matrix of the SDP vectors {¯u}) is close to a particular rank-(k − 1) matrix, the matrix that encodes the planted partition. This property suffices when k = 2 — then the rank-1 matrix.

Sep 3, 2014 - independently, we can use cloud computing to explore vast regions of the parameter space. Computing details. All simulations were performed on a machine with 4GB of RAM and with an Intel quad-core. CPU. The operating system used was Ubu

Again 1r : L, >-+ Ln:. The confi dence level of expert j in his assessment when judging. Assessing the value of a candidate. 171 criterion i is denoted 'Yii, and these levels are defined on an ordinal scale L-y which can be related to L" as we shall

Jun 4, 2009 - in clinical trials or sequencing additional genes in molecular biology. In a parametric ... Sequential change point detection is heavily used in statistical quality control. It is used to ...... Handbook of Statistical Genetics, 3rd. Ed

Sep 30, 2017 - distance learning students with a 3D virtual biology laboratory, in order to prepare them for their ... lab exercises is preparation, finding a technologically modern and convenient way for preparing students for their .... The biology

Jun 12, 2014 - H.4 [Information Systems Applications]: Miscellaneous;. D.2.8 [Software Engineering]: Metrics—complexity ... is worth to archive a particular Web content or not. The. ECML/PKDD Discovery Challenge 2010 ... quality score is derived by

Dec 28, 2017 - In view of the persistence of APTs and taking the relevant network into ...... to monitor and deter them, Network Security 2011(8) (2011) 16-19.