arXiv:1805.08880v2 [cond-mat.mtrl-sci] 24 May 2018

May 24, 2018 - Schulz et al.43 of 0.34 Å. LEED-I(V ) and nc-AFM data for the moiré ...... Center (Aalto NMC) facilities and was supported by the. Ac...

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graphic speaker traits in statistical machine trans- lation (Rabinovich et al., ... Our aim is to design a latent code z which .... online, for personal security concerns (Jardine,. 2016), or ... Synthesiz- ing balanced training data—using style tr

May 24, 2018 - Thus the equivalence class of V is characterized by the symbol. (m1)2 l1 ···(ms)2 ls . A symbol of the above form is the symbol of a form module ...

inherit the availability and other security assurances of blockchains, however, they ... By maintaining on-chain state, it achieves consistency, mean- ... experiments for applications including machine learning models, .... long-distance relay runnin

May 24, 2018 - Inverse-factorial characters in connected graded Hopf algebras. 8 ... 28. 8.2. Cauchy estimates. 30. 8.3. Convergence of a formal solution. 32 .... the formal expansion (8) will be written as a word series .... sense that if µ(s, t)âˆ

5 days ago - sively with remote devices. ... the person may want to be protected (e.g., workplace monitoring), and/or the illumination of the .... coordinate system with its z-axis parallel to l and its y-axis perpendicular to the neck cross section 

May 24, 2018 - at the 1σ level, with the W+W- rates measured by ATLAS and CMS. ... In the rich physics programme of LHC Run II major attention is given to measurements of .... found that NNLO QCD corrections have a significant impact on the inclusiv

May 24, 2018 - among other things, the conventional view that a free-falling ... theory results in wipe-out of much of the information as demonstrated in the.

May 24, 2018 - 6Present address: Department of Neurobiology, University of ... than with laboratory sources when working at ∼ 1 micrometer ... and a distinct color represents one angular scan over 180◦ (which is ..... monotonic function of T, alt

May 24, 2018 - initialization is naturally well-suited for solving L-BFGS trust-region .... Hence, Bk has r eigenvalues given by the diagonal elements of ˆΛ + γkIr ...

May 24, 2018 - 2School of Science and Technology, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, ..... [25] S. Palagi, A. G. Mark, S. Y. Reigh, K. Melde, T. Qiu,.

May 24, 2018 - manuscript No. (will be inserted by the editor). Formulae for the Conjugate and the Subdifferential of the Supremum Function. Pedro Pérez-Aros.

May 24, 2018 - symbol. Finally, the L-polynomials of a more general class of curves than Ck ... ciTi then ordp(ci) ≥ ir. 2. , for all i = 1,..., 2g. By the first property, ...

May 24, 2018 - at the 1σ level, with the W+W- rates measured by ATLAS and CMS. .... found that NNLO QCD corrections have a significant impact on the inclusive cross section ..... Matrix uses a fully general implementation of the qT -.

May 24, 2018 - MoMEMta, a C++ software package to compute the integrals at the core of the .... momentum of a particle as well as its (mis-)identification. This latter point .... comes together with an online documentation [40] and tutorials [41].

7 days ago - data for relation extraction, but suffers ... to efficiently generate relational data from plain ..... els (CNN+ONE, CNN+ATT, PCNN+ONE and.

4 days ago - tributions, from which augmentation operations (i.e. scaling, rotating ..... oss. D istribution. Rotation. -60. 0. 60. Figure 5: Network training status ...

May 24, 2018 - g,k,β be the moduli space of orbifold stable maps f from a genus-g ..... f4(u) := ((φ1, φ2, φ4, φ4)), f5(u) := ((φ1, φ1, φ4, φ5)), f6(u) := ((φ1, φ2, φ5, ...

May 24, 2018 - the medium provided by mobile devices and tablet computers, ... simulation applications that have become widespread in recent ..... To assess the usability of the mobile application, a one-hour training session was admin-.

4 days ago - assume that jobs can be preempted. We give the first constant-competitive algorithm for the non-preemptive setting in the rejection model.

5 days ago - ing rate was measured, as compared to the heating rate while injecting broadband noise without any low pass fil- ter. This indicates that the ...

May 24, 2018 - E-mail: [email protected] † E-mail: [email protected] .... mass binary system with masses 0.05 M⊙ and 0.015 M⊙ for.

5 days ago - Moreover, given a mapping f of Rd into itself, the push-forward of µ, denoted by f.µ, is defined by (f.µ)(g) := µ(g ◦f) ...... mute with one another.

May 24, 2018 - range of p admitting W2,p regularity, however, is restricted to the ..... (1) Pmu ∈ D(Tp,i) and PmTp,iu = Tp,iPmu for u ∈ D(Tp,i) and i ∈ {θ, x};.

4 days ago - lines [2] suggest using the LFENCE instruction as an ex- plicit serialization point. An application developer has to identify vulnerable parts of the ...