arXiv:1501.03195v1 [physics.atom-ph] 13 Jan 2015

such as H2 [4],. HD [5], N2 [6], and CO [7]; as well as for molecules ... window of some 5nm, determined by the bandwidth of the beam ... cell was...

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(mc + ms) . (15). From eqs. (12)-(14), it is clear that this vertex has only one tensor ..... in Continuous Advances in QCD 2002, edited by K. A. Olive (2002), chap.

[12] H. Paik, D. I. Schuster, L. S. Bishop, G. Kirchmair,. G. Catelani, A. P. Sears, B. R. Johnson, M. J. Reagor,. L. Frunzio, L. I. Glazman, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 107,.

their ideas practical for efficient implementation in software (see [Cas95], .... base-window notation for an affine permutation if and only if ∑ n i=1 .... we enumerate these points with respect to the Coxeter length statistic, we recover the clas

Kaon Condensation in Baryonic Fermi Liquid at High Density. Won-Gi Paeng#1. Rare Isotope ...... QCD - recent achievements and perspectives,” EPJ Web Conf.

Classical gravity can be described as a relational dynamical system without ever appealing .... section 5 I introduce free quantum fields that evolve with shape dynamics as a ... to be a monotonic evolution parameter for almost all physical data.

4Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, ulica Koszykowa 75, 00-662 Warsaw, POLAND ... external probes, where all the nuclear degrees of free-.

Jan 13, 2015 - elaborating the “Common Vocabulary of Social Participation” (vcps from the Brazilian name Vocabulário. Comum de ... Bx,07.05.Kf. Keywords: OWL, semantic web, linked data, electronic democracy, participatory democracy, social syste

Jan 13, 2015 - on a real parameter ϕ ∈ R, satisfying the following conditions: ... where bounded locally Hölder-continuous on R (in general non-rational) ...

less well determined by the fits to existing scattering data and kaonic hydrogen measurements. Its dominant component reflects a broad resonance structure in.

Jan 31, 2015 - n−1 )−1 of forms of degree d in n variables, and ... Xn−1,λ ⊂ V of hypersurfaces whose defining forms have a factorization into forms of degrees.

Apr 13, 2015 - cylinder valuation valC, one first realizes valC as a contact valuation, that is, a valuation determined by an irreducible .... and call it the Mather discrepancy of X along E. More generally, if v is a divisorial valuation over X, the

2 the density of a cloud of N = 50 bosons is .... printing a phase-step with ∆Φ = π onto the sample. This ... sity profile of an atomic cloud is to employ dipole forces.

and 0.3−7.0 keV energy bands for the EPIC-MOS1, MOS2 and pn detectors. ..... resolution to fully address a question of the existence of the diffuse X-ray ...

Higher Twist Analysis of the Proton g1 Structure Function ... a large range of Q2, 1 ≤ Q2 ≤ 30 GeV2, and calculate the lowest moment of the g1 structure.

Aug 13, 2015 - product of two simplices or a product of two simplices of dimension greater than one. ... 1) Each label is a positive integer, and the sum of labels equals k. .... White and black vertices compose two disjoint Lannér subdiagrams.

rate. Nuclear reactors were the first sources used to search for neutrino oscillations and, in general, for systematic stud- ies of neutrino properties. In past experiments (i.e. up to the 1980s), the ... of the same name, standing on the banks of th

coherent quantum systems can be matched to the underlying structure of abstract ... Quantum computers [2, 3, 11, 12, 13, 14, 25] offer a new possibility for utilizing .... neighborhood relationship is used by repair searches. ...... ment to maintain

Jan 13, 2004 - to be much smaller than that of [C/H]; this implies a common origin for Si and C. Since the inferred. [Si/C] depends on the UVB shape, .... Recovery of pixel optical depths ...... to fit the center and width σ([SiIII/SiIV]) of a logno

evolution laws are known only with finite precision it is highly desirable that at least certain ... of the numbers which causes the computer phase space to be necessarily discrete and ...... Knut, D.E. 1969: The Art of Computer Programming, vol.

the horizon, in the case Ω = 1, it is the ζ of [50], and three times the ζ of [51]. 13 .... the cosmological constant problem by fiat at our present level of understanding). But ...... and Fundamental Physics'; G. Dvali, Q. Shafi and R. Schaefer,

gT the genus of the manifold. If we fix the ..... 1 − xy . (45). Here x(x, r) is the solution to the characteristic equation of the partial differential equation (37). ..... parts of Z(µr)) leads to the following representation of Z(µr) as a sum

1Permanent address: University of Texas, Austin TX 78712. 2Permanent ... 12University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 80309-0390 ..... Corporation, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and the A.P. Sloan.

total degree of differentiation is one of the deciding factors in the ordering, the second ordering is a t-order. ... or the specialist package macaulay [6]. Given a ...

seeds for non-linear dynamos in the post-recombination era, any large-scale primordial magnetic field with a strength of order B ≃ 10−8 Gauss, ..... L1 (1992); ibid Phys. Rev. D 45, 1913. [3] K. T. Kim, P. C. Tribble and P. P. Kronberg, Ap. J.