arXiv:1106.5561v2 [cond-mat.stat-mech] 22 Nov 2011

understood as a spanning network of interpenetrating. PDs [19]. In the hard .... responding to coexistence packing fractions of φc,app = (79.1±0.8)%...

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3ICFO-Institute of Photonic Sciences, Mediterranean Technology Park, E-08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona), Spain .... corresponding to a standard telecommunication fiber.) ..... puting, edited by A. Lvovsky (AIP, New York, 2009), p. 155.

On a strong version of the Kepler conjecture ∗. Károly Bezdek † ... †Partially supported by a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of. Canada ... Let us mention that an affirmative answer to (1) for the family of Voronoi tilings o

Nov 22, 2011 - k|C)P(C). Weighted Relational Probability Trees. RPTs extend standard probability estimation trees to a relational setting in which data instances are ..... 0.98. 1.00. T=1 T=2 T=3. T=4 Avg. Figure 7. Comparing Temporal, Relational, an

Nov 22, 2011 - In his own words, this correction represents “an interaction between light quanta indicating the virtual production of matter...”. The extension of this result to all orders in the external field was then given in the seminal Heise

Nov 24, 2011 - Internet, the two largest and most representative systems are hosted ..... of campaigns are clustered, reveals a linear relationship between.

Apr 22, 2011 - Abstract. We discuss the relation between arc index, maximal Thurston–. Bennequin number, and Khovanov homology for knots. As a conse- quence, we calculate the arc index and maximal Thurston–Bennequin number for all knots with at m

Mar 22, 2011 - two different ways: we will use holonomic maps in jet spaces to construct fillings in jet groups, and we will ..... that if G is a simply-connected nilpotent Lie group and g is its Lie algebra, then the lower central ...... 2, 223–22

Sep 22, 2011 - [α1,α3] = 1. It is easy to prove that every element g ∈ G can be written as g = βαk1. 1 αk, where 0 ≤ k1,k ≤ p − 1 and β ∈ γ2(G). Let k = 0. Then.Missing:

Sep 22, 2011 - SISO APP Searches in Lattices with Tanner Graphs. Dumitru ..... the cost of additional complexity at the receiver, in response to the fact that the ...

Jan 22, 2011 - Automation and Remote Control, Vol. 63, No. .... jection. We do not touch upon the issues of computational efficiency and just note that the.

Nov 22, 2002 - and intercluster medium are turbulent with an embedded magnetic field that influences almost all of their properties. .... Attempts to study interstellar turbulence with statistical tools date as far back as the 1950s. (von Horner 1951

10. MARKII. CRYSTAL BALL. ARGUS. DELPHI. CLEO. BELLE. BABAR. mSUGRA + seesaw. SUSY + SO(10). SM + seesaw. Non-Universal Z1. SUSY + Higgs.

Three states appear to play a role, but since the state with 2 excitations relaxes quickly to the ground state by .... amplitude Io = I(T = 0)Wo(0). These probabilities ...

In our recent publication (D. O'Dell, et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. ... To this end, we examine the mean-field solution for ..... With an intensity I ≈ 1.5I0 the atom cloud con-.

As explained in detail in [1], the DS construction can be naturally understood in ..... and KdV-Type Hierarchies, Montreal preprint, UdeM-LPN-TH-92/103, CRM-.

An overview is given of the methods for treating complicated problems without small parameters ... tations, nothing prohibits one to pass to a numerical procedure. ... theory. Suppose the problem is in calculating a real function f(x) of a variable x

Moscow State University, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow, Russia m. M. Botje, F. Chlebana, A. Dake .... 10 now at Inst. of Computer Science, Jagellonian Univ., Cracow. 11 now at ... 38 now at University of Colorado, U.S.A.. 39 now at High ...

Massachusetts Institute of Technology ..... Therefore, when fields decrease rapidly at spatial infinity, the energy and momentum are time-independent. E = ∫ dxc.

Nov 18, 2011 - algebra A and an automorphism σ of A, we form the crossed product of A with the integers, where the .... call a commutative Banach algebra A semi-simple if the Gelfand transform on A is injective, and that ..... Netherlands, and Centr

Nov 30, 2011 - tween curves corresponding to elements of Pg are given by k-isomorphisms of their function ... was said above, the stabilizer of an element f in Pg under the action of G is equal to Autk(Cf ) and hence. (3.2) aλ|g = ∑. [f]∈Pg/G. 1

Nov 21, 2011 - but greatly underused in the statistical theory of regression. 1 Introduction. Let yn, n = 1, 2,..., be the sequence of response variables to be predicted, and let xn = (xn,1,...,xn,K ) ... Figure 1: The four models considered in this

Nov 26, 2011 - Abstract. ∗-Autonomous categories were initially defined by M. Barr to de- scribe a type of duality carried by many monoidal closed categories. Later they were generalised by the current author to include ∗-autonomous promonoidal c

Nov 10, 2011 - Namely, we define the n-th quasitriangular Lie algebra qtrn to be gener- ated by ... We used the computer system “GAP” [GAP] to show that the ...

Nov 18, 2011 - fnδn | fn ∈ ̂A, and for alln ∈ Z : supp(fn) ⊆ Pern(∆(A))}. Proof. This follows from [5, Corollary 3.4], as ̂A trivially separates the points of.