arXiv:0805.3592v2 [quant-ph] 17 Sep 2008

operator measurements, we detail an optical network for the deterministic preparation of arbitrarily ... Though it was initially proposed as a simple ...

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Sep 17, 2008 - RT] 17 Sep 2008 ... Let us remark that the classification from [7] has a small gap fixed in the ... Let us consider q1/2 a fixed complex number.

Sep 17, 2008 - We address the same rationality question for moduli spaces of vector bundles with symplectic structure. ... some appropriate extension data; we manage to parameterise all these rationally. 2. .... form c on H/I, and the required isomor

Figure 1: The original Rocky Mountain dataset consisting of 28 sites and 26 species. 5 Experiments .... to pay for a considerable number of false transfers of 1's.

Sep 17, 2008 - The bi-metallic systems we have considered all consist of one magnetic metal M (Fe or Co) and one non-magnetic metal N ... Of the ten systems we consider in this paper, we are aware of previous studies on only two of them: Co- ..... co

Jul 17, 2008 - izations of structure functions; the flag settings are explained in the text. 59 ...... G. Wolf, lectures held at the 42nd Scottish Universities Summer ...

Feb 17, 2008 - the definition of quotient of a triangulated category we do not require the ..... d(εU ) = idU (we add neither new objects nor new relations between the ...... functors Stand(A) → K such that the corresponding object of T(u(A),K) is

Nov 17, 2008 - ...... CR structures and Fefferman's conformal structures, Forum Math. 9.

Jan 17, 2008 - amples in topology are the W-construction of Boardman and Vogt [7], ... or homotopy P-algebra - in a homotopy invariant way as an algebra ...

Apr 17, 2008 - From now on, we fix p to be the origin, and we write Birch partition instead of ... A set X of points in Rd is in general position with respect to a point p if X ∪{p} is in general position. Our first main result is the following the

Feb 17, 2008 - The study of higher homotopy associativity conditions for topological spaces began with Stasheff's article [Sta63, I]. In a sequel to this paper [Sta63, II] Stasheff defines also. A∞-algebras and their homotopy-bar constructions. The

Jan 17, 2008 - (X, C) by the long exact sequence associated with local cohomology. If n is odd ..... the restriction morphism Hj(X, C) → Hj(U, C) vanishes for j = 0, and the long exact sequence splits into a family ... DR(OX(∗Y ))). So the assert

Oct 17, 2008 - (of theorem 3.2 ) The main point is that, while making the calculation of ...... [2] D.Arapura, Building mixed Hodge structures, CRM lecture notes, ...

Dec 17, 2008 - both on the switching technique and on bounding the probability of exponentially small events in the configuration model. 1 Introduction.

Feb 17, 2008 - We thank all the staff of Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik ...... bnd = − p>1, a+c>0. ∑ a+p+c=n. (1⊗a ⊗ bp ⊗ 1⊗c)ba+1+c, n > 1. For A. C/B. ∞.

Dec 17, 2008 - Denote by CTI ,k be the set of all pairings in. Pn,d where there are exactly k pairs that use only elements from TI. The possible values for k are max{0, dt − dn. 2 }. ≤ k ≤ dt. 2 . (9). To compute the cardinality of the set CTI

Jan 17, 2008 - the dimensions of Eu(x) and Es(x) are constant, which are denoted by ..... that is, the fiber of L at x ∈ B is isomorphic to the real line whose unit ...

Feb 17, 2008 - This allows to define a 2-cat- ... 01601 MSP, Ukraine; [email protected] .... (this condition was implicitly assumed in [Lyu03, Definition 2.4]).

Jun 17, 2008 - sheets, boundary components can have inbound or outbound orienta- ... respect to the complex structure - one usually calls them inbound and.

Oct 17, 2008 - arXiv:math/0509667v2 [math.GT] 17 Oct 2008. The homotopy invariance of the string topology loop product and string bracket. Ralph L. Cohen. John Klein. Dennis Sullivan ∗. October 17, 2008. Abstract. Let Mn be a closed, oriented, n-ma

Jun 17, 2008 - Theorem 0.1 states that if w is a smooth hallway, then the length of ... The first example illustrates the behavior of smooth hallways in linearly.

Apr 17, 2008 - The fundamental groups of all curves of degree up to five, both irreducible and reducible, are known, see [7], and next .... The maximal number is attained at the famous nine cuspidal sextic: it has twelve torus ... The reduced braid g

Nov 17, 2008 - group G(K) best thought of as parameterizing maps from the punctured formal disc D× to G. The story ..... this paper H∞/2+•(n(K),M)isa ˇG-equivariant module over the vertex algebra of global sections of a .... the motivational fi

Apr 17, 2008 - curves in symplectic manifolds, and show how it leads to a definition of genus zero Gromov-Witten invariants. The main idea is to introduce additional marked points that are mapped to a symplectic hypersurface of high degree in order t

Jan 17, 2008 - 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. 14D06 ... surface f : X → B such that there is a degree 2 morphism from the general fiber of f to a.