arXiv:0805.3592v2 [quant-ph] 17 Sep 2008

operator measurements, we detail an optical network for the deterministic preparation of arbitrarily ... Though it was initially proposed as a simple ...

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Sep 17, 2008 - We address the same rationality question for moduli spaces of vector bundles with symplectic structure. ... some appropriate extension data; we manage to parameterise all these rationally. 2. .... form c on H/I, and the required isomor

Sep 17, 2008 - RT] 17 Sep 2008 ... Let us remark that the classification from [7] has a small gap fixed in the ... Let us consider q1/2 a fixed complex number.

Sep 17, 2008 - The bi-metallic systems we have considered all consist of one magnetic metal M (Fe or Co) and one non-magnetic metal N ... Of the ten systems we consider in this paper, we are aware of previous studies on only two of them: Co- ..... co

Feb 17, 2008 - the definition of quotient of a triangulated category we do not require the ..... d(εU ) = idU (we add neither new objects nor new relations between the ...... functors Stand(A) → K such that the corresponding object of T(u(A),K) is

Nov 17, 2008 - ...... CR structures and Fefferman's conformal structures, Forum Math. 9.

Jan 17, 2008 - (X, C) by the long exact sequence associated with local cohomology. If n is odd ..... the restriction morphism Hj(X, C) → Hj(U, C) vanishes for j = 0, and the long exact sequence splits into a family ... DR(OX(∗Y ))). So the assert

Apr 17, 2008 - From now on, we fix p to be the origin, and we write Birch partition instead of ... A set X of points in Rd is in general position with respect to a point p if X ∪{p} is in general position. Our first main result is the following the

Feb 17, 2008 - The study of higher homotopy associativity conditions for topological spaces began with Stasheff's article [Sta63, I]. In a sequel to this paper [Sta63, II] Stasheff defines also. A∞-algebras and their homotopy-bar constructions. The

Oct 17, 2008 - (of theorem 3.2 ) The main point is that, while making the calculation of ...... [2] D.Arapura, Building mixed Hodge structures, CRM lecture notes, ...

Feb 17, 2008 - We thank all the staff of Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik ...... bnd = − p>1, a+c>0. ∑ a+p+c=n. (1⊗a ⊗ bp ⊗ 1⊗c)ba+1+c, n > 1. For A. C/B. ∞.

Dec 17, 2008 - Denote by CTI ,k be the set of all pairings in. Pn,d where there are exactly k pairs that use only elements from TI. The possible values for k are max{0, dt − dn. 2 }. ≤ k ≤ dt. 2 . (9). To compute the cardinality of the set CTI

Jan 17, 2008 - the dimensions of Eu(x) and Es(x) are constant, which are denoted by ..... that is, the fiber of L at x ∈ B is isomorphic to the real line whose unit ...

Apr 17, 2008 - curves in symplectic manifolds, and show how it leads to a definition of genus zero Gromov-Witten invariants. The main idea is to introduce additional marked points that are mapped to a symplectic hypersurface of high degree in order t

Nov 17, 2008 - group G(K) best thought of as parameterizing maps from the punctured formal disc D× to G. The story ..... this paper H∞/2+•(n(K),M)isa ˇG-equivariant module over the vertex algebra of global sections of a .... the motivational fi

Apr 17, 2008 - The fundamental groups of all curves of degree up to five, both irreducible and reducible, are known, see [7], and next .... The maximal number is attained at the famous nine cuspidal sextic: it has twelve torus ... The reduced braid g

Jan 17, 2008 - 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. 14D06 ... surface f : X → B such that there is a degree 2 morphism from the general fiber of f to a.

Oct 17, 2008 - arXiv:math/0509667v2 [math.GT] 17 Oct 2008. The homotopy invariance of the string topology loop product and string bracket. Ralph L. Cohen. John Klein. Dennis Sullivan ∗. October 17, 2008. Abstract. Let Mn be a closed, oriented, n-ma

Jun 17, 2008 - sheets, boundary components can have inbound or outbound orienta- ... respect to the complex structure - one usually calls them inbound and.

A t rstsight,itm ay appearthatthe division into Luyten and non-Luyten binaries ... than 5700,Luyten's originaltruncation ofthe position angle to integer degree can ...

Sep 17, 2006 - universal set of quantum gates acting on decoherence-free subspace (DFS) in deterministic way. The logical qubits are immunized to the ...

amplifier and a generator of phase difference, could develop relatively large ..... By far the most favorable in overall system simplicity, size, cost, sensitivity, and minimization of systematic ...... [18] M.S. Freedman et al., J. App. Phys. 38, (1

is the flux liquid phase with the disorder causing only short wavelength modifications of the pure system [19]. But for T 0, there is a nontrivial phase ...

Dealing with such constantly moving solutions it is convenient to write the .... and App.A) are (almost) satisfied at each instant during the acceleration process.

of algorithms written in a specially designed version of LISP. The course is ... What's also there by the way on my Web site are the transcripts of the previous ...... way I could play with my LISP and try it out as the design evolved. Mathematica is