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suggest a way to accurately monitor the ionosphere with direct application to single ... equipment of on board instrumentation has to be periodically ...

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There have been many attempts to use some ideas going back up to. Cartan, in order ... we observe, that this osculation transfers enough data from the quadric to apply the ..... methods of [9] could not produce a principal fibre bundle G with struc-

Feb 23, 1999 - We present a novel scenario for baryogenesis in a hybrid inflation model at the electroweak scale, in which the Standard Model Higgs field triggers the end of inflation. One of the conditions for a successful baryogenesis, the departur

OSS⊥,in = ∑σ σ{ψ+ ...... By assuming the scaling relation FSS⊥,in (r, α(l),Kν (l),G(l)) = ISS⊥,in (dl, Kν (l) ... ISS⊥,in = exp[−Gσ+,C−dl + Gσ+,S+dl + GC−,S+dl. +.

§We are grateful to Bob Merton (Harvard University Business School) for this example. ... principle, only in degree. The profits ... psychology influences the economic decision-making process as ... As An Evolving Complex System, eds. Arthur ...

intrinsically multi-channel problem. Thus ... important problem of extracting partial wave amplitudes from the .... data coming from Jefferson Lab and other labs.

In the latter theorem, replace BSf by the sensibility Sf , we get the best known lower ... However, for asymmetric functions, the best general lower bound known is: ... All probability distributions are uniformly random over the corresponding domain.

Data analysis was performed using the PROS system under NOAO's IRAF ( ...... to acknowledge support through a NASA Graduate Student Researchers ...

Feb 1, 2008 - the SW prediction, the empty triangle is the N = 36 ED result and the empty squares are data taken from Ref. [10]. One way to get more accurate ...

ion collider such as the proposed EPIC collider were studied in detail during ... of the center-of-mass system in the laboratory frame at EPIC will be 1.6, less.

namic turbulence in the kinematic regime where the ratio of kinetic energy to magnetic energy is ... In this regime the magnetic flux function ψ can be treated as a passive scalar ... The latter can range from Prm ∼ 10−6 in the solar con-.

Abstract. We reduced the Hubble Space Telescope Space. Telescope Imaging Spectrograph images of the gamma-ray burst GRB 990123 that were obtained on 8–9 February. 1999 and find V0 = 25.36 ± 0.10, which corresponds to a flux of 0.258 ± 0.023 µJy

On the other hand, the solar neutrino puzzle can be ... Super-Kamiokande and the solar neutrino data, and leave ..... alone has to be sin2 2θ(MGUT ) ≈ 0.4.

Giving a fair account of Chirikov's scientific output is an arduous task. ...... at mealtimes I did manage to find the dining car, where the kind people really looked ...

the transformation from the rest frame of the daughter to the lab amplifies the ... electric elements that held the diode temperatures con- ... moelectric devices that held the housing temperatures ... Our system gave excel- ... S grid. The intrinsic

Mar 25, 1999 - CLASSICAL YANG–MILLS THEORIES. Contribution1 to the International Seminar on Integrable systems. In Memoriam Mikhail V. Saveliev.

email: [email protected] Received ; accepted. Abstract. Quantum gravity may lead to an energy de- pendence in the speed of light. The high energy ... tracted gamma-ray photon event lists from the CGRO public archive for observations pointed wi

done by a set of custom built fastbus modules employing an 8 bit 20 MHz. Flash ADC system. Details of the design and characteristics of the PMD may be found in ref. [24]. ... The digitized pixel charges are processed by using a pixel-to-fiber map to

of course, loses force in the subject area of physical processes on supersmall distances. Like it was necessary in the construction of the consistent atomic theory to ...... essential for cosmology: before the first Big Bang (total transition f →.

When interpreting experimental data, one would like to have some understanding of the uncertainty associated with theoretical expectations. In QED and the ...

define the pseudo-Riemannian structure of a background. ... geodesic distance for more general choices of data (A,H,∆), in which the ...... Society, CRM Proc.

eDepartment of Physics, California State University, Dominguez Hills, Carson, ..... Present address: Department of Physics, Stanford University, CA 94305, USA.

Physics Department, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309 USA ..... δµν, which is parity-even, (δµνcS(r)Aµ(r) with cS(r + ˆλ) = cS(r − ˆλ)), and a term which is ...

These variations are probably caused by a magnetized cloud moving into or out of the line of sight (Hamilton et al. 1985). Recently, Rand & Lyne (1994) and Qiao et al. (1995) ..... of Industry, Science and Tourism. The Parkes telescope is part of the

39DAPNIA/Service de Physique des Particules, CEA-Saclay, FR-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette .... For the Gas and Liquid Vetoes it was required that the RICH was fully operational ..... for their support in building and operating the DELPHI detector.