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or scale-free, play against each other. So far, no network type ... a friendship network play against a two-round opponent strategy did not show a dec...

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In this research program, we .... For programming the Cyborg Astrobiologist Computer sys- tem, we ... ing graphical NEO subcircuits, 2) a short C or C++ subrou-.

has a magic word (recall that all Markov shifts are understood to be .... of “stably recurrent” matrices, which contain those defining what we call the SPR.

thermore we require that the identity element of G is not moving X. (e(x) = x where e is the identity element of G). The orbit of an element x0 in X is the set of all elements of X which can be obtained from x0 by acting on it by G (Ox0 = {x ∈ X |

they can be detected independently of whether a host galaxy can be found. ... 200 entries to-date in Jochen Greiner's web table1 of “well- localised” bursts, fewer ...

Sep 9, 2004 - Kaiser 1991; Evrard & Henry 1991; Valageas & Silk 1999), in- .... The combined EPIC surface brightness profile of each cluster in the [0.3-3.0] ...

Jan 9, 2004 - answering the following questions: i) What is the nature of the two ... Section 2 presents the details of the observations and data reduction. ...... universe finally overcame the gravitational and frictional forces of the cluster, and

ABSTRACT. In the present paper we study the interaction of a photonic field with a particle in a magnetic field. We use formalism similar to the Born-.

(1) where the subtraction scale dependence has been moved into the loop integrals. We also define π16 = 1/(16π2). The finite two-loop sunset integrals HF ,HF.

cal counterpart of a toy sigma model with mean field theory, and find that the critical .... 2.1 U(4Nf ) representation of a baryon operator with Nc = 3 . ..... second order, baryon number is static; it becomes mobile in the next order, where (for.

where d Ω2 is the metric on unite sphere S3, and a(t) is the scale factor of .... the items with higher derivatives of fields and casual coefficients depending on ...

sarily contains negative eigenvalues which create a severe infra-red ...... Program of Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (R14-2003-012-01002-0) and by BK21 ... action approach to mean field nonabelian statics and a model for bag.

Dec 9, 2004 - V.M. Abazov,34 B. Abbott,71 M. Abolins,62 B.S. Acharya,28 M. Adams,49 T. Adams .... S.F. Novaes,4 T. Nunnemann,24 E. Nurse,42 V. O'Dell,48 D.C. O'Neil,5 V. Oguri .... the requirement of one electromagnetic trigger tower to.

Nov 9, 2004 - of less than a day, and flares on time scales of minutes (e.g. MCG ..... After calculating the central density for Sirius B, however, ...... Cecil et al.

The main result of this paper is that the maximum tolerable erasure error rate ..... It is important to understand the effects of Pauli products on states in a stabilizer code. One can verify ..... [13] D. Aharonov (2002), talk at QIP, IBM, Jan 16, 2

arXiv:hep-ex/0403014v1 9 Mar 2004. Di-Jet Production in Photon-Photon ... The k⊥-clustering algorithm [2] is used as op- posed to the cone algorithm [3] in our ...

realtime. As no other particles in nature are expected to have the same ... at √s=200 GeV based upon a factor 2 increased statistics [ 9], using a final data set of:.

Jul 9, 2004 - phone: 0049-921-553287, fax: 0049-921-553293. Abstract ... solutions of this system, which together with energy estimates and the smoothing ...

Sep 9, 2004 - The Origin and Evolution of Cosmic Magnetism .... A key platform on which to base the SKA's ... sight into the origin, structure and evolution of.

45Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 32306. 46Fermi National ..... mass limits are derived using the program mclimit [17]. It provides the .... [11] M. Zdrazil, PhD Thesis, State University of New York, Stony Brook (2004) (unpublished).

School of Physics, University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia ... of Theoretical Physics, Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering,.

(January 11, 2018). Abstract. By extending the mean-field Hamiltonian to include nonhermitian oper- ators, the master equations for fermions and bosons can be derived. The derived equations reduce to the Markoff master equation in the low-density lim

scintillator detectors, which allows to identify on a one-by-one basis and remove from the data set .... (depth of 3800 meters of water equivalent, muon flux.

Apr 9, 2004 - Currents (FCNC) was performed using the data taken by the .... VI et VII, Tour 33 (RdC), 4 place Jussieu, FR-75252 Paris Cedex 05, France.

w, since any polynomial f is sent to f (mod ms+1), of which fs is a representative. Degree is invariant under Gröbner deformation and easiest to calculate on monomial ideals, so, to calculate the multiplicty of Yw, or, equivalently, the degree of S/