0311367v1 [math.NT] 21 Nov 2003 The Hecke Algebra Tk

Feb 1, 2008 - Abstract. Let Tk(N)new denote the Hecke algebra acting on newforms of weight k and level N. We prove that the power of p dividing the in...

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Oct 14, 2013 - as before and then dividing by card(B), because we are counting rB as left cosets, ..... the image under α of commuting generators still commutes. For the ..... can do the same thing and express them as a linear combination of element

Feb 1, 2008 - new chapter of representation theory — harmonic analysis for noncommutative groups with .... from the fact that all conjugacy classes in S(∞), except for {e}, are infinite. On the other hand, δe is a cyclic .... Using a continuity

JOSÉ LUIS CASTIGLIONI* AND GUILLERMO CORTI˜NAS**. Abstract. The (dual) Dold-Kan correspondence says that there is an equiv- alence of categories K : Ch≥0. → Ab. ∆ between nonnegatively graded cochain complexes and cosimplicial abelian groups,

In multi-cellular organisms, developmental process from a single cell in embryo ... 1In ref[5], a preliminary study for a proto-type of the life cycle of multi-cellular ...

Oct 8, 2013 - abelian varieties over Q with good reduction outside primes dividing N. Our results are contingent on the GRH ...... 3.3 L/K of degree 5. To finish the proof of Theorem 2.4, we must consider the cases where L/K is either wildly ramified

May 5, 2014 - be the augmentation map, and let R[[xΛ]] be the (ker ǫ)-adic completion of R[xΛ]. Let JF be the closure of the ideal of .... an irreducible component of type G2 and part (1)–(6) for all root data are proved in [HMSZ, §6]. Part (7)

Tcl/Tk provides for fast and flexible interface design but slow and cumbersome vector ... Calling Octave from Tcl gives you the flexibility to do a broad range of fast .... listen (port, hosts). Listen for connections from hosts on port. Host-based a

New identities on traces of representations of the Hecke algebra on the spaces of paths on graphs are presented. These identities are relevant in the computation of partition functions with fixed boundary conditions and of two-point correlation funct

May 13, 2014 - In this paper, we will study the representation theory of this object of high algebraic and topo- logical interest. Some information on its representation theory in the general context of unipotent ..... Yokonuma–Hecke algebra, denot

Oct 11, 2007 - a consideration. Note that the representations of H(G, N) contain certain information about the scattering data of the theory and its center is isomorphic to H(G, K). Finally let us remark that the constructions of affine integral Q-op

Jan 18, 2018 - Fix a positive integer r and introduce r variables a “ pa1,...,arq. The cyclotomic Hecke algebra Hct n,r is defined as the quotient of Crq˘1,aspBraff n q modulo the affine Hecke relations and the cyclotomic relation. (1.6) p∆n ´

online at the Cambridge Cluster Database.57 The ener- gies of the global minima are represented in Figure 3 in such a way that makes particularly stable clusters stand out. A selection of clusters are depicted in Figure 4 that are either particularly

formula within Bloch's approach: PB(a, b, c|ρ0) = Tr[PC. cPB. bPA. aρ0PA. aPB ..... Robert B. Griffiths, “Consistent Quantum Theory” Cambridge University Press ...

Sep 2, 2014 - Introduction. Affine Hecke algebras appear naturally in the representation theory of reductive p-adic groups as convolution algebras of compactly supported functions, such as. Iwahori-Hecke algebras e.g., [Bo],[IM], and their generaliza

6 days ago - whether we use cohomology with or without compact support in defining auto- .... Throughout this section we fix a ring R. Let Div(P1(F)) be the free abelian ... support. If Ç« is the trivial character, we sometimes drop it from the notat

Mar 9, 2015 - Using Sage, one can check that g. (4,2,0). (2,1,0),(2,1,0). (p) = 1, g ...... More explicitely, if UW t gW = H is the upper- triangular column reduced ...

Aug 13, 2014 - centres around studying a certain family of FSn-modules Sλ, called Specht ... An example of this is the fact that Specht modules for FSn.

Oct 1, 2014 - In the NLIE (4.4), the integration is done over the same contour as in the original definition (4.18) of the partition function 즈A2 . The set of NLIE (4.4) is ..... of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) for the support of the Yo

Jan 27, 2015 - We will show in this paper, that the algebra HF, with slight modification from the original definition of [HMSZ12], indeed acts on the corresponding oriented cohomology of the Springer fibers. For this purpose, we need to interpret HF

Nov 7, 2017 - Let f be an element of Z(HIE ), the center of the Iwahori-Hecke algebra for GL2(E), and let b be the Iwahori .... Interest in the study of the base change fundamental lemma for the centers of Iwahori-Hecke algebras .... {g ∈ GE : g−

Aug 8, 2016 - module LD, and prove that submodules of Verma modules have no torsion. For κ > 1 and D a ..... Call this simple module LD. (ii) For any simple ...

Sep 22, 2010 - the construction of a projective limit of the Hecke algebras; this projective limit is inspired by the Ivanov-Kerov algebra of partial permutations. Résumé. Nous démontrons le q-analogue d'un résultat bien connu de Farahat et Higma

Dec 23, 2015 - obvious way to an H-module structure on H. We set. X = ∑ x∈W;x∗=x ..... Let E = Q(u) viewed as an H-module in which Tx (x ∈ W) acts as.